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Guten Morgen! 🌻 Wie läuft die Woche bisher? Bei mir ganz ok. Ich hab ja schon angekündigt das ich dieses lange Wochenende einen #24hreadathon


Svítilo hodně sluníčko. #jutta je knížka z malého nakladatelství, která mě velmi mile překvapila. #cte se jedním dechem. Ukazuje zase na

Hi so today our teacher gave us a pep talk and the general gist was we are going to be unemployed failures no matter how smart we are. So that was a


'Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are'_Mason Cooley_June 19 is celebrated as the Reading day in the memory of P.N

My ratings :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.Full review up on my blog ( link in the bio ) .It's not just a book, it's a guide to understanding life through an

[WERBUNG] #unbezahlt Hey #bookies Eigentlich war dies hier ein Meckerpost 😅 aber ich hab eigentlich keine Lust auf meckern... wegen des neuen

🌿NEW🌿 BOOKMARKS 📖 These have to be one of my favourite things to make ❤ The detail in each and every one is unique and so stunning. A

“There is such strength in being a woman. But it is a strength you must choose for yourself. No one can choose it for you. We can bend the wind to

Laser cut Ya Ali bookmarks. Each bookmark is delicately handmade. These mini bookmarks are perfect size for your pocket size dua book or quran paras.

Hello @rusticpages! ✨ My name is Angela Gausmann, and I would love to be a rep for your business! I am 17 years old (I will be 18 in July 😊) and


All the love for @heyatlascreative 💕 obsessed with their shop & all their designs.•What’s your favorite bookish merch? I love stickers and

Bookmarks 🔖📚❤️

Amitav Ghosh's Gun Island  brims with implausibility; outlandish coincidences and chance meetings blend with ancient myth and folklore, tales of

Sale For 24 hours Only!! From midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow night (June 19) Mermaid Tails are on sale for $2 each! 8 colors to choose from

Mais um separador de livros lindo! ☺️📚

Happy hump day, book friends! 🎉🎉 IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! 🎉🎉 I promised you guys a giveaway when I reach 1000 followers (whoa, that happened

Who here misses Stranger Things? I received this amazing bookmark from @bookish_signs and it brought back all the feels... I may need to go binge

addition to Dia's mama made bookmark collection. She is super excited t0 know what's getting prepared today. She plays these surprise puzzle, in her


Welp, I got behind on the @bookriot #riotgrams challenge (who’s surprised? Not me!) and then today I tried to get back into it and accidentally did

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”– Walter WinchellI love this series so much 💕 { #books #booklove

• SOPHIE • Best Seller ✨ // 40% Off

“My song is not one of peace. It is one of failure and pain. My song is one of battle and blood, death and power. It is not the song of Helene

#qotd🦉 Do you love Khaled Hosseini's book ?If yes, then which one is your most favourite

Once upon a time, a girl had a father, a prince, a society of friends. Then they betrayed her, and she destroyed them all....QOTD: What book/books


I shared an inspiring quote from Winnie-the-Pooh last week, and here is another one 🍯 don't doubt yourself at the first thought! Try out things

Here's my last entry for #mywatercolorjourney2019 and an entry for #biancasartchallenge. The inspiration photo is by @kilianschoenberger.

QOTD: What kind of magic would you have if you could choose?AOTD: I would definitely want magic over the elements. #bookqueensjune19 - Fae or Druids

SHOP NEWS! 📡📡📡I work out of a crammed craft room at the moment and so I usually end up working out of my bedroom with everything sprawled

Closeup of the new Rapunzel woodmark! 📚 this one is coming in the release on friday at 9am AEST, and will be available on its own or in a bundle

The cutest bookmark series ever! 📚 @peregrinejazmin killed it with these bookmarks...and they’re only $4 each!!! 💖 Swipe to see all of them up

I do like reading Swanson books. Lots of twists but right after I read it I totally forget the story. Some writer's just do that for me. That's when I


Guess this map!Remember the exciting news I had to announce?Well here it is...I'll be taking in CUSTOM ORDERS!Every week I'll take one custom

Who here loves spongebob Square pants?!? Made this cute shaker bookmark after ages, btw if you didnot know i make custom bookmarks for any theme you

I don’t always make an actual TBR for myself because I’m usually horrible at sticking to them, but I’m trying really hard to actually follow a

Have your #handwriting sample laser engraved on a #necklace, #bracelet, #keychain, #bookmarks, etc. to create a meaningful gift. • Link in Bio

I'm back out on the deck today! Summer in Saskatchewan never disappoints although we could use some rain. 🌧️💗💜💗I have been slowly

Hello everyone! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

ANNOUNCEMENT🎉🎉🎉 this week only funds from the Charity Mark section goes to a charity my church is apart of, it is Susquehanna Valley


In love with how these colors look together. This pattern can be done in manu different ways and in any color choice. Selling for $10. Dm me to get

QOTD: if you were a triad, what 3 elements would you bend? (You can choose from water, earth, fire, air, and bone)★I would bend (lol I don’t

My tutoring kiddos asked for some bookmarks for their new choice books and I couldn’t resist making them with a pun! I love this clipart from

Japan is the birthplace of kawaii culture so it’s no surprise that they have the cutest stationery in the world. We’re sharing our favorite kawaii

Happy Tuesday my bookish friends!!📚💚I was thinking about supporting characters today, and I have to say my favorite supporting characters of all

It's Tuesday -- tell me something good! 🍉 I snuck away from work for a couple hours today for a yin yoga class and I feel ahhhhhmazing now. It was

🥀Feliz tarde/noche lectores! Que libros predominan más en sus estanterías?? Los míos la fantasía y el drama, aunque de ahora en adelante quiero

I think it's important to get out of your comfort zone sometimes to try something new that may benefit people around you. Make sure that whatever you