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E o amor pelos livros, felinos e pela dança, nunca vai acabar 💕❤💕

This video contains violent actions in Canada. Tbh though, they're peaceful compared to the rest of the countries... #meme #memes #video #failure

Happy Saturday! So, guilty guilty guilty as charged. I dog ear my pages 🙃 it is such a bad habit of mine that I’m trying to STOP. Luckily I have

📚Absolutely loving the items I got in this months owlcrate!! I kinda want to try out ALL the bookish monthly subscriptions..☺️. Hope everyone

QOTD: who’s your swoon worthy prince?**A: I would say Rhys, but I don’t want a pineapple thrown at me 😉 So I’ll pick Dorian and his

Thank you all so much! The January Harry Potter Triwizard Letters have sold out! ✨✅Our March Game of Thrones letters are now available to

You aren’t fuel for other people’s empty tanks bookmark to remind you to: restore, reset, and remember... who you are and what makes you feel good

My new bookmark!It’s a quote from Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas...It says:“Let’s make this a fight worthy of a song.”..What do you

🚨NEW BOOKMARKS‼️🚨Got my bookmarks from @boookmarky ‼️‼️ I’m so in love with my bibliophile and platform 9 & 3/4 bookmarks

Alıntı 🦋°"Ama en kötüsü sorgulama değildi. En kötüsü, sorgulamadan sonra hiçliğime geri dönmekti; aynı masanın, aynı yatağın,

Bought boomarks for my girla... #bookmark for a cause

‘Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it.’-Roald Dahl✨/Hello, happy Sunday!! I’ve finally finished Strange the Dreamer, and

Ayer pase por la librería en busca de una lectura nueva y encontré esta maravilla, no pude evitar comprarlo. 😍•Orgullo y prejuicio es mi clá

R e v i e w...James Patterson, Cross Kill.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5..This bookshot in the Alex Cross series is only 113 pages long, but each page is so

『手間を楽しむ折り紙袋』の本から兜・ダイヤモンド・ヨットのポチ袋と箸袋を作りました。 #フチモトムネジピアノの栞を作りました。Sophyさんのブログより ( @ssophyorigami )写真2枚目ーこの栞を作るのに欠かせないのが鍵盤模様のマスキングテープです🎹今回使ったのがaikoのオリジナルマスキングテープです。ずっと開けずにいたマステが活躍してくれてうれしいです‼︎. #モノトーンカラー #栞 #フリクションスタンプ.... #折り紙 #ポチ袋 #箸袋 #折り紙兜 #aiko #マスキングテープ #LoveLikePop14 #origami #origamidiamond #origamiyacht #origamipiano #bookmark

Hi guys!.In case you don’t know, I have made the tough decision to close Charmed Fiction. I explain more in a previous post further down in my

✍️ #resenhadacinefilaO livro que eu escolhi ler no desafio literário em fevereiro foi 'O guia do Mochileiro das galáxias', de Douglas Adams.

📚 #Origami #star #Bookmark 📚 For step by step video tutorials you may watch my youtube channel: Heyy Origami!.For the link please visit my

#bestsellingauthor ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆Elizabeth Godfrey⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Presents The Once Bitten Trilogy ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Own all three books

Y la música sigue 🎷❤️. Marcador saxofón, un pequeño y gran detalle para tus libros y regalos.🤗💓🎵🎶🎷 #saxofon #saxofonista

Heyyyyyyo 👋🏻⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I’ve been super busy lately with school work so I decided to pick up a

Vamos pra uma coleção do nosso grande C. S. Lewis. Um grande escritor e com grandes histórias. Vocês irão se surpreender com os conteúdos desses

Here’s the rest of the Hellboy things I received from my local comic shop! An amazing pin, poster, and bookmark that I was in desperate need of!

Just here, hanging out in the world's most beautiful bookstore 📚💁🏻‍♀️

Recycled crafts and literacy - what a glorious combination 🤓📚✏.This cute duck/chicken (can't decide what it looks like more

🚨New Blog Link in Bio🚨&📚Book of the Week📚 This week I decided to read "you Are A Badass At Making Money" by @nicolelapin #nicolelapin


바람이 찬 금요일, 정오엔 좋은 사람과 좋은 에너지를 나누며 브런치를 먹고 커피를 마셨다. 그리곤 혼자서 여유롭게 서점을 거닐었다. 내가 그토록 바라던 시간! 아멜리 노통브 책을 사러 갔지만 오늘도 의식의 흐름대로 여러 권의 책을 골랐다. 나다운 행동. 양손 가득 책을 들고 돌아와 레슨까지 마치니, 하고 싶던 일과 해야 할 일을 균형 맞춰 끝낸 기분이 들어 행복한 금요일이다. ♡

🎗.好きな言葉としおり集め。.森鴎外記念館リベンジしたときのファイルもお気に入り🦉....„Man sieht die

▶️HOW TO PERSUADE ANYONE | SUBCONSCIOUS TRIGGERS◀️ / From the book by Robert Cialdini .✔1. Reciprocation.This principle suggests people

A little to industrious with the hoovering, knocked the flower fairy off the wall, glass everywhere and frame in bits. #crossstitch #flowerfarie