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@pripontess eliminou 36 kg em 9 meses apenas com dieta e treino, e mostra sua rotina na academia e dicas ótimas pra vc que quer seguir uma vida saud

📰 Just got come from the game. Now packing up to return to the Police Academy for a week of Training (???good gyms near Eastern Kentucky University

It’s not about the issue or the battle. The thing that matters most is you remaining strong. -Get your mind right and your actions will match.

@ricktdadfitover40 KILLED TRIS...👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #..GYM TIME...LETS GO...PUT IN WORK 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #gymtime

"Resistance Band Training" Tonight with 225lbs for 5 Rep's at the End of the Chest workout to: Increase Strength and Maximize Blood Flow in Pectoralis

To be successful in this sport you need to develop self discipline in every aspect of your life. Develop a routine that the machine that is you can

Haven’t done these bad boys in a while. Happy with how they moved today 😁🍑🔥 #hipthrustsftw #bootygains #pink- #sundayfunday #sunday

Issa flashback to when I won that pro card🤩. Never settle. Never give up. Never get discouraged because something is taking “too long.” Trust

A few of my favorite low resolution shots taken over the weekend 💪🏻😂 •Can't wait to see the high resolution photographers pictures •

The will to succeed must always outdo the thought of quitting. To make it you have to be a warrior. You have to put everything you have toward the

Perfect physique 🔥💪💯Follow @workout_cross for more contentCredit; @stevekrisofficial➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #fitness

Enxergue você mesmo suas falhas e tenha a certeza que se tornará alguém melhor do que você jamais foi 🙌🙌✌️💪💪💪💪 #mansphysique

PermaSwole and Cannibal Ferox...hands down my favorite stack from @chaosandpain Use my code FXCKAVERAGE for 20% off

Os treinos insanos com a minha parceira de treino de inferiores @anaassano 💞😍, surtindo resultado.Treinos sempre focados mas na intensidade

Nunca diga eu não consigo. Você consegue sim, basta ter força de vontade e fé... ..motivacao_mens_physique 💪👊💥. #IFBB #MensPhysique

Who know how to type with this machine💪💪Follow👉 @fitness___importance___For more content .....⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ @fitness___importance___

Don’t let me get beach ready before you!!! I only been back on a structured diet 2 weeks would say what I weight but you wouldn’t believe me

Do what you love. Love what you do. Not a lot of people do that these days because life can get so complicated that you’re only left with choices

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🚨Y’all go head over down to Any ROCKS DISCOUNT VITAMINS SHOPS IN SAN ANTONIO, they have everything you are looking for if it’s Dieting or need

Cutting or bulking? In my opinion there is no point cutting at my age (16 years old) unless your goal is to loose weight. The reasoning is that as a

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Quando vc acha que sua realidade está difícil e pq vc ainda não sabe as dificuldades que um fisiculturista passa 😨 Resiliência 🖐... #body

Love her madly.. 🖤

Da ist es endlich , DAS Body pic!💯🔝 Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass wir so weit kommen , aber versprochen ist versprochen!! Was seid ihr für

Zu aller erst meine Story:Hey ich bin Paddy und trainiere schon seit ich 16 bin , immer wieder zwischendurch Pause gemacht, bin aber jetzt seit 1