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Bodhi and I designed and printed a thank you card for the 👩‍🚒 firefighters for showing him around the station and all of their hard work this

A mix of photos from yesterday of Bodhi waiting for me in the hotel room (pics taken by Grandma) and at the park while I attended the Oregon Film

The Morning Glory breakfast/lunch place across the street from my university has a new play house for kids. Bodhi thinks it’s the best thing ever

Bodhi loves making friends with other kids at the airport 👦🏻✈️ He was especially proud of himself for making a friend who was 9 years old

Bodhi is really starting to enjoy going to school ❤️ He only goes for a few hours twice a week and has a lot of friends 👦🏻 He comes home

I was so devastated & sad about having to put our family dog Ted to sleep, but I picked myself up & went out on a lunch date to Universal CityWalk

Happy 7-Month-Birthday Bodhi! Bodhi likes: food, traveling, peek-a-boo, family, morning time, going to the baby gym, mingling, & socializing. Dislikes

Having a really busy week but was able to hang out with Bodhi & Tulip for a bit this morning while Andres made me breakfast before I had to leave for

This photo pretty much sums up my life right now: I'm either at work, attending to Bodhi, attending to Tulip, or doing all three at once. I'm carrying

Bodhi's doctor gave him the ok to start trying solid foods! This little #monkey kid holds on to his food with his hands & feet! 😝 #BodhiJediRivero