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La Villa Ortiz Basualdo, diseñada en 1908 con estilo arquitectónico pintoresquista francés, fue modificada dándole un aspecto más anglonormando,



Nouveau projet de série: "Oh My Dog!" Mokka et Christopherl'ensemble de la série se voit avec #nivupicsOhMyDog #ohmydog #bnw #blackandwhite

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Nouveau projet de série: "Oh My Dog!" Ibsen, Onuk et Eval'ensemble de la série se voit avec #nivupicsOhMyDog #ohmydog #bnw #blackandwhite

Birch road


Jesus is off for cleaning - the ancient street altars and their statues are usually looked after by the locals


Tranvia 1.

Sirkeci, İstanbul..

Stripped of our leaves, an Eden overthrown.Caught in a dream, where all I know is home.

FRENÁ • • • "Ojalá que no sea el tiempo quien te acomode las ideas, sino el explotar tu vida. Que la sabiduría no te agarre ya sin ganas, ni

Finally I Got my Hands on a Blu Ray Of Venom! I honestly don’t care What people say about How Bad it is, To Me It’s a Guilty pleasure and is a Fun


"I thank you for the healing inWings of meditationSituation is strange to usStranger things are calling us."🎶🎶Cinematic orchestra - A

They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time

Here’s a Little Story. When I Was a Young Lad I Was Surrounded by Arguments From My Mom and Dad, it was Awful. Until one night that honestly changed


I was Getting Shouted At by My Niece Today For Trying To Put Her Right because She Was Misbehaving and Hitting me So You Know What She Turned around

I watched Climax on Blu Ray Today and it’s honestly Brilliant! It’s Brutal, It’s Messed up, Its colourful and Most Importantly It’s Music is

When I was in my high school days me and my cousin Chelsea never ever Got along... we still don’t sometimes but I didn’t think she would grow up

This women here is the type of person you can talk to forever about horror movies besides Chucky she hates that. Most Of my Family don’t like

This Halloween was Kind of a Piss Take... I Dress Up As a Clown To Scare a mate of mine because I thought he was Terrified of them Later To Find Out