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Esse espetáculo aí se chama Tal Wilkenfeld, uma das melhores baixistas do mundo !!! Ela já fez turnês com Jeff Beck, Prince, Eric Clapton, Herbie

Bali memiliki begitu banyak musisi Blues yang luar biasa talentanya! Salah satunya adalah @r.i.v.a.b.a_official yang malam ini akan tampil live di

You can't forget me baby, don't try to lieYou'll never leave me, mama, so don't tryI'll be a gambler, baby lay down the betWe get together, mama

I’m a huge fan of Bach. Today’s @Google homepage lets you write music (as complicated as you want) and harmonizes it using machine learning

Hello people of the World! #1 @imagine is moving locations and needs a little love to help make the new location as awesome as the original (link in

Wishing you happiness! This happens to be a card I made for my friends who are getting married on Saturday, but we could all wish each other happiness

Dijual Kover Rhoma iramaHarga 90k sepaketKondisi atas ok, bawah bagusuntuk lebih lanjut Dm/ Wa (083838196813) #jajanrock #jajanwalkman

Bora estudar? Colocar a técnica em dia? Fazer aquele solo dos sonhos? Entre em contato, marque uma aula experimental sem compromisso. Aulas também

Throw back to a few weeks ago when I shot @19twenty at @clubsapphiremerimbula! This was where @wesalanfilms saw me running around like a madman

I’m the type of friend who randomly would ask you to dress up to have a cute quick photo session 😏☺️💖 so much fun!! #minisessions

▪ [ LINK IN BIO ] ▪ .Watch: Music Is Black History ..To inspire those who truly believe that audiovisual has the power to make this world a

Can you feel it?

This is a video of “when singing what you’re thinking gets weird” ps. I don’t hate anyone. Hate is a strong word.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how many tips I have gotten in the tip jar that said GET A JOB! But they missed going around the bend with California on

The Blues Win!!_The Blues Beat the Detroit Redwings by the Final Score of 5 to 2! What A Game, From a Barbashev Hattrick ,to Steen Picking Up his

Cada aluno tem um expectativa muito especifica da aula. Com o hugo o foco é o groove. Então estamos revisando a historia do US Beat, passando do