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Hey guys I did a challenge a while ago and it was a spin on the oastel challenge I would have posted this sooner but i was incredibly busy this week


Baby whip dat like I told ya, never let a nigga fuck you overrr 😍🥰💯🤞🏽💪🏽.. #queen #melanin # rainbowhair #barbie #barbz


Me: What did you think of me when you first met me?My Roommate: I was terrified! Cuz I looked u up on FB & IG and you don’t smile in your pics.

это я - кошечка, делаю вид, что вообще все норм, и ничего не бесит.

Sometimes we think we are alone and that we are worthless, although we are really incredibly big inside.~~~~~~~~~~For the best band !!

Being a hairstylist will never be an “easy job” it’s not a copout for not going to college. It’s nights weekends and twice the work before

"Ya basta de miradas que mienten bondadPorque en mis tiernos ojos solo hay oscuridadEs como un hechizo no se puede quebrar"........ #bluehair



Olha essa transformação para o meu aniversário 💙💙💙Arraste para o lado ➡️.Lembram que eu fiquei uns dias sumida? É porque eu estava

So I've been so in love with my @plugsonplugs glass hangers. They are so lightweight and I recieve so many compliments! Check out all the other

I’m a bad guy. Duh.

2 promo gigs today with @useventmanagement 1 down, 1 to go!!!! But with whipped cream on top ☕..... #motd


sister 🌻 3/3

Medical collar from @plasticviscera 🏥💉💊Hexagram earrings from @yokaicandy 🔺🔴🔻Big posts coming up, I got some stuff to share

Last night when I tuned Japanesah 🧘🧞🤱👾 @nathanthomas2256 #anime #manga #japan #kawaii #karajuku #funny #popular #stupid #peace #ramen

sister 🌻 2/3


For Sale💰16' Body Wave 360 Frontal Unit♡Custom color 💙♡She comes with 3 combs, adjustable straps plus and elastic band for extra security

sister 🌻 1/3

"Yo bitch is my darling”🔥📸: @og.trunks


Happy mothers day💫 one of the strongest women I know, been there for me in every bad situation and worked hard to get through every shitty thing


dip dye ends💗💜💙💆🏼

rainbow colour with one length and smooth finish ❤️💛💚💙💜💇✂️🏳️‍🌈