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Well, super duper new to this, in going public with the thoughts that run inside head. 🙆As the name suggests, stuck up in a place where everything

I had a blast at @bodegawakeforest last week. Seriously, some of the best food at a reasonable price and such a fun experience for groups. TAPAS

¿Os apetece hacer unas exquisitas #magdalenas?Todos sabemos que el #desayuno es importante pero ¿lo hacemos correctamente? En el #blog os damos

Conjunto Folhagem - R$55, ✨.....Compre aqui 🛍 as promoções 🔥🔥... #modafeminina #modelos

Repost @ruckusaurus with @make_repost・・・“Friends are the family we choose” and one of my besties from high school @tylernilson wrote &


@krispykremeirl joined in with going green for St Patrick's weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you manage to grab some green donuts from All podcasts available for on demand listening 24hrs/ day and downloadable.

Happy Monday Adventurers! This weekend we had the chance of visiting the Food & Wine Festival at DCA! SO much delicious food! 😋Thanks to our

#ABECEDARIO #ILUSTRADO ✍🏻Hace tiempo que quería hacer uno de estos! 🥳Las #letras estarán acompañadas (como no podía ser de otra forma)

Roupas, documentos e itens de higiene são artigos que não podem faltar na mala de maternidade.Para ajudar mamães e papais a montarem a mala,

Look Blusa disponível na cor cinza,branca e preta, calça jeans do 36 ao 46😍 .Modelo veste :MPAGAMENTOS.look veste até o G ->💲 Dinheiro

I started a blog 🤩 EEK! ((LINK IN BIO)) I’ve been praying about this for a while and have felt God lay it on my heart to jump right in. It’ll

Love this case 💘 get 20% off with my code 'LIZETTEWOLTHUIS'

"A emoção que tu colocas nas coisas associada às memórias é o que se transmite depois muito no prato final!" - frase retirada do meu texto

"Yes in the past I was one of those need a different pair of shoes for every outfit kind of girls." - Can anyone relate?! 😩To find out what 7

It’s time to make a change..Think of the time you’ve wasted staring at the ads manager with no idea how to set up an ad… 😵.Think of the

Hey! I started a blog! I’d love if you checked it out. The link is in my bio. ✨ I’m writing and sharing my experiences with writing, college,

Our student blogger Meghan Callahan ( @DenisonU, #UniversityofOtago) blogs about classes at University of Otago, or as they call them "papers". Read

Walking into this week pretending like I’m ready for it.

Whenever in a coastal Irish city/town ; make sure to have some fish and chips; 🐟pictured some fresh haddock with a delicious homemade tartare sauce

Gerçekler belki bir hayal olmayabilir ama hayaller gerçeklerin temelidir🌸I love you fam💕Monday without syndrome🌿Beğenmeyi kaydetmeyi ve

Today’s blog is about loving yourself, but I’d say it’s deeper than what you’re used to reading. Tell me your thoughts below. Link in my bio

Herkese merhaba👐🏻 Bugün Anzer Sofrasındaydık🏠Trabzon yemekler ile ünlü bir restaurant⭐️İspir Furufasulye ve Tereyeağlı Pilav çok

Selaaam herkesee😃 Geçen yıl ilk iki kitabı okuduktan sonra sonunda bu yıl da Pi'yi okudum. Diğer iki kitabı sevdiğim gibi bunu da sevdim.

COMMUNITY | SPACE OF ADVANCEMENTFree Your Heart - Ein Portrait über StruggleDog. In unserem zweiten Blogbeitrag erzählen wir Dir die Geschichte

Happy Monday, y’all! Monday is actually my day off so I love Monday’s. I hope everyone is making the most of their Monday as well! Make sure if

2 Things to consider when buying a link in bio and find out what they are!!

Acabei de liberar uma resenha super bacana do livro "Meu Desejo de Rock", vai conferir, né? ....Aproveite e siga a autora para ficar por dentro

🔻Must FollowTrue Kung Fu:▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️Are usually don’t like to re-post videos in this way, however

Короткие встречи спустя много лет, помогают как-то иначе взглянуть на себя настоящего и на прошедшее время в целом.И плюс,конечно,знакомые лица- всегда приятно встретить вновь 🌸

You’re my lucky charm. ☘️

😋This weekend I ventured over to Ossington St to enjoy some food at @union_restaurant.We got dinner and a show as we sat at the Chefs table and

Muita delicadeza nesse jumpsuit com decote cachequer, valorizando e alongando a silhueta. Você encontra CHOLET aqui, na Jullye Pepper 🌶️ ..

O queridinho do seu guarda roupa. Um Dress estampado com fendas laterais e decote em V.Caimento perfeito. Que tal?Você encontra ENJOY aqui na

Felíz inicio de semana ⭐💘Road to Los Angeles #CANos vamos a disfrutar de nuestras vacaciones #relax #vacations ☀⛱🍷

@stelaronfini quanta elegância. Quanto poder em um Dress cheio de detalhes, fendas, cortes e recortes! Um luxo!. .. #empoderada

Экзамен сдан!👩‍⚕️100% ответов из 100! 🤓💃🎉😎👩‍⚕️ Моя_

Bonsoir les filles ❤, .Ça y est, le week-end se termine... c'est passé vraiment trop vite. J'espère que vous vous êtes bien reposées! .Ce

Chopped my hair & bought a new blazer ~ My bank account is screaming🤑

Continuação do que rolou ontem no Coquetel de lançamento Outono Inverno .Venha nos fazer uma visita 🌶🌶 . #jullyepepper .. #empoderada

You may not be there yet. But, you're closer than yesterday. 👋