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I enjoyed carving this stamp for @bohoandblushboutique 🌸This will look great hand printed on their recycled brown paper gift bags! 12cm x 12cm

Sea turtle block print made in art class. It has a rope wrapped around him to symbolize pollution and its negative impact on sea life!- #art #artist

@julirajahandbuilt scarves are made from fabric woodblock-printed in India, but designed and sewn in Brooklyn. Discovered them and her cool shirts and

Aubrey Beardsley, The Aesthetics of Decadence and the Line Block Print, from the Rowe Collection at Pensacola Museum of Art. #aubreybeardsley

Wishing you all a very Happy Colourful and Sweet Holi! Holi without Gujiya??😮Swipe right to Indulge in my homemade Gujiyas!Welcoming #spring

Had a lot of fun making this one. At first I was not sure about the sky, because it would influence the tree and leaves too. But I am really happy

🧡 Birch trees / 3-color linoleum print / oil color🇸🇪😀Sweden inspired me to this linoleum print....... #sweden #swedennature

This beautiful black modal silk Ajrakh Saree, decorated with hand block print Floral motifs is a must wear for special occasions. Direct message for

Playing with colours - something that comes so naturally to me and my rural artisans! Aeshaane celebrates the festival of Holi the organic way; always

Just gotta keep going...I’ve gotten hit with a lot in just a little amount of time, and right before I turn 26. I’m just trying to keep my

Cotton Printed Suit*TOP* : Cotton + Printed (2.50 Mtr) *BOTTOM* : Cotton + Printed (2 Mtr)*DUPATTA* : Cotton + Printed (2.25 Mtr) Price Rs 750.

Cotton Printed Salwar Suits & Dress Materials *TOP* : Cotton + Printed and Patch Work ( 2.5 Mtr) *BOTTOM* : Cotton + Printed ( 2.25 Mtr) *DUPATTA* :

There were so many beautiful fabrics and wallpapers at London Design Week. This gorgeous magnolia, William Turner block print, from GP & J Baker, is

Experiments from yesterday -•I had a lot of fun carving this shape, and I’m thinking of using it as an element of another pattern but here it is

Yeah and when I die imma dimethyltryptamine - Acumental @palmersquares Two best artists in the game. @iarephluffhead @acumental........

See you all at skylark on 23rd and 24th March... new quirky prints by KALIKAINDIA... Fresh fabric arrivals...gorgeous just dupattas.. #kalikaindia

The weekend is here, please review the past posts, to know more about our collection being showcased @syutishaili .Venue: @birlaacademy ..Dates:

She stopped to smell the roses, she always did. She also loved tulips, they reminded her of true beauty, a beauty that was incomparable. She wanted to

Shop with us @ www.ivorydesigns.comTo enquire, please whatsapp 9003183002. Follow us @ #ivorydesigns #saree #sarees

...relief....An old, crumbly piece of Speedy Cut works, too. Not for prints. Just as a piece on its own.. #UseWhatYouGotToGetWhatYouWant #linocut

This delicious bundle of colour, texture, technique, pattern, depth, detail and hours of work just makes me 🥰🤩 #textiles #OG #love #pattern

Time consuming but so satisfying! The printing continues on this beautiful gold fabric that will I will be making into an oversized Kimono. I'm really

Lots of custom Beeswraps & my Clam Shell Mini Mac wall hanging are now off to find their new home in Somerset, CA. Thanks for the macrame love,

July 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing.... Do you know a lover of all things space travel or history related? Then this print would

Gracias a todos por ser parte de esta exposición de Big Print🔥❤️ Big Xilography🖤 Obra realizada por cuatro artistas @marcela.brizuela.

These are traditional carved block prints made with a lazer cutter using Katagami. Printed on top of each other and sideways.•••

Some fun cassette player and tape repeat block prints for a class! Block printing experiments have been very fun but it can be pretty hard on my

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Dress up your dining table by picking the most beautiful table runners. This range of Table runners in black and blue will give an aesthetic look to

3 more prints in different colours These are regular style's which we print for our most clientsColours can be customised as per your requirement

Good news! We’ve been searching high and low for high quality cushion covers suitable for printing and we’re glad to say we’ve managed it! Just

Two new additions to the print family of “कली” (bud) - red + olive Chinecollé as background of my lino blocks. All my new prints will be

Q: How do you get better at art? .A: Just like everything else in life. Practice..🤔I think I'm starting to get the hang of highlights and