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While to most he seems so small to us he’s getting so big! He’s has to be getting close to 8 lbs!!! #bigboy #downsyndrome

i made this so i hope you really enjoy it..this is a small part of a presentation me and my friend did but i’m not even gonna try to explain that..

Dire que bientôt, tu sera ladorable grand frère de la famille, mais TOUJOURS le bébé à sa maman😍💙 Que je t’aime mon ange... une bellee

Papito is ready to patrol with Daddy thanks to our amazing friends! I said once and I’ll say it again, we are truly lucky to have such thoughtful

Baby ❤️

455x6 @ 7 for easy peezy. Did 455x4 and 405x4 afterward. I want to continue to work beltless and this felt much easier than I expected it too so I’m

#bigboy.. Esse foi o lugar onde minha vida mudou!!!Você que está desmotivado, com dívidas, gordinho, desanimado... Mano procure uma academia..

11 months old today 😃 Can't believe he'll be ONE in just a month... my baby is growing toooooo fast 💙 #babyboy #bigboy

So...I have a new brother aka...Bestest Friend in the Whole World!❤️🐶 His name is Koba!! 9 weeks old and I’m teaching him all the great

It's finally feeling like Sping here in Vegas. The sun makes me run around like a crazy lab. I love to play chase and catch me if you mana

At 7 months, I can be serious and have a sense of humor...see my pics? lolI'm patiently waiting for my teeth to come in, but while I do that I enjoy

Finally got my paper finished. I will spend the next two days proof reading it and checking for any errors or tweaking it may need. Im being studious

FM! #VinceStaples “I got Christian Dior, I’m crippin’ Bjork, made an uhoh letting Vince in the door”🤘🏽🤘🏽 current mood 🎶🎶

I think because I’m so passionate about this sport that when I first started I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and be recognized, now I

Ir cambiando diario, verte mejor en el espejo, superarte día con día, eso es la mejor satisfacción y premio que hay...👌🙌.. #montesteam