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Bad decision were made😂

I'm one of em so I ain't gonna lie, this is facts 🤣🤣😂••----------------------------------------------Follow me for Lit memes!..

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And here's the final product, with social and rendered 1080p!!😭Please check the vids out sub and like! (Link in bio

🍜~ today I actually made myself breakfast and ate it but now I'm probably gonna be late for school but yolo. I was also kinda contemplating if i

Suivez 👉 pour plus de contenu drôle et amusant 😂!N'oubliez pas de commenter

Blob of darkness and death.....attack!!! 😂{ Follow @memespamm_xo for daily memes }

In a month, thanos is gonna get probed.

I really am pretty swagalicious 💪🏼🤟🏼