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A line from the legendary Fight Club.


This is why we do it! The smiles on their faces are our first reward!!! The Easter feed the flock outreach was a success!!! #easter #charity


#happyearthday #bekind #motherearth #mothernature #consciousliving #love #peace

Today is EARTH day! Remember to do a small act of kindness. Maybe pick up some trash or Plant some flowers. We can all make a difference

Be the stranger that makes someone laugh for the sake of a photo op... You never know how much it will make their day 🤗 #thanksman

Earth Day Treats. 🍽🍓 (PS How great is this plate?! It’s my mom’s.)

Sri Lanka 💔 a terrorist attack happened on easter day, over 200 dead because of hate that is beyond imagination..... #alllivesmatter #terror

Happy Earth Day.

We are Friendly Finds. Sourcing & Sharing Sustainable & Eco Friendly Products. 💚 Just Trying to Do Our Bit for The World. #sustainable #ecofriendly

She's a beauty ... let's take care of her together! #earthday 🌎 🎉💚


.❊ Don’t feel the need to hide or shy away from anything now that the sun is shining..❊ Instead, shine right along with it!.❊ No matter

We get to make a positive change 3 times a day for our planet. Eating animals is the leading cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss and causes

My @kindcotton order came today and I have never been so excited to support a company as I am this one. Every order puts a book in a child’s hands

Roti Ghar: DAY 504, @rotigharofficial.A healthy mind and a peaceful soul! Dates Available for Roti Ghar !To book a specific date -Rs.3500 (


BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER is her moto! Over the last 16 years Ellen has become more then just a talk show host! She's changed lives, including her own!

It's not about the people who have been there the longest, it's about the people who have seen you at your worst and decided to stay #staytrue

🌎Happy Earth Day🌎Just like with life, we only get one Earth. Head outdoors today! Wherever you are take some time be to outside...breathe in

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make" -Jane GoodallToday we celebrate beautiful mother

Your path is yours to navigate, appreciate and embrace..One of my favorite things to do, is sit down with friends, acquaintances and strangers.. and

Speaking Chyna-ease: Compassion is necessary in all aspects of our lives. The inability or lack there of will only provide happiness in fleeting


Monday goals! 💃 And, mid-day check in. Has your internal voice been kind this morning? 🤔 If not, how can you work to change that?. #repost

‘You don’t understand, they will never help your family.’ I was blown away. He was getting worse by the day. ‘I’ve never had an experience

to everything there is a SEASON, a time for every PURPOSE under heaven.✨ [eccles 3:1]-dear friends, make your days count + continue to live lives


Hug someone today, it’s important 💛There’s a lot of people out there who can’t remember the last time they were hugged. I was one of them

"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it." - Nelson Mandela We are proud of the world we live in and the power we have to

VOTE NOW ON JERRY’S STORY! 🦖 Jerry got given a chocolate Dino for Easter. What do you think, should he eat it, or should he keep it?

"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it." - Nelson Mandela We are proud of the world we live in and the power we have to

You set fire to my world, couldn't handle the heatNow I'm sleeping alone and I'm starting to freeze


Don't be afraid to share your stories you are not alone. Submit stories to empoweryoufashionshow #Strikeaposeforunity

Love Above AllEquality Above AllKindness Above All//We had such a beautiful day with family and friends yesterday, a lovely Easter. When I sat

Tranquility Boxes are still available! 😊💕 ..£15 and 100% of the money made from the boxes goes straight to Mind and Blue Cross charities 🌟

Happy Earth Day! What an incredibly beautiful planet we live in — with such an abundance of life from the skies, to the depth of the seas, and even

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the Ground.” Happy Earth Day...Zatoya

You need to surround yourself with people that are going to help you see your worth and want to see you grow, know your struggle and that will love

In love with the sun

Always remember that a nice word could change someone's day, So don't keep your words for yourself, but share them! ❤️..Thank you Sally and