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What come easy won't lasts long & and what lasts long won't come easy..Keep moving, keep challenging , keep solving, keep fighting & keep smiling


All this stuff really works/helps! Sometimes we forget to appreciate some of the simple things. #grounded #bepresent #behappy 🌷❤🙂


I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.♠️♥️♠️••••📸 #Photo by

Me, ohI’m the only one of meLet me keep you companyYou’re the only one of youBaby, that’s the fun of youAnd I promise that nobody’s 

REASONS Why > EXCUSES Why Not! Both require time & energy! So, choose the one that'll get you closer to your goal, not the one that'll push you away

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Smile Often | Think PositivelyGive Thanks | Lough LoudlyLove Others | Dream Big Friday is here and she’s a #Threenager in just a few

#tbt com cara de meiga! SQN KKKKK 🤷🏻‍♀️🤓🍀✨🙏🏻😘


@e_n_young looking forward to “possibly” designing your next single/album cover. I got some ideasss floating, man. 😂 Ready when you are

And if you do well then that’s that... life is short and I have to constantly remind myself that not every door closed is meant to open again.

✨Siempre odié mis caras al cantar. Me da vergüenza, me hace sentir insegura y me desconcentro de lo que estoy cantando, pensando en qué caras


😂 Friday’s lineup: 6am Cycle and Weights, 8am Power Cycle, 9am Hip Hop Fitness and 10:15am Inferno Hot Pilates Express 💙💦💦💦

💫sooner or later, you have to start💫Don’t let fear to failure to hold you back 💫You got this, I believe in you💫Be courageous, strong,


》 this week I've had very little time, but much time to reflect. It's okay to lose your path and get lost sometimes & I must say I am so very lucky

———————————————————————— Sevmesini bilmeyene ... sıkılınca çekip gidene ... zoru görünce kaçana

Amen and amen. This is TRUTH.

You have to find what sparks a light in you, so you in your own way can illuminate the world ✨⚡️ #tbt from Venice last year!.... #tbt


Ser criança é a melhor parte da vida, usar a imaginação para ser o que quiser! Há sempre um super herói por trás de nossos sonhos 🎢 🎡

Si tuvieras un palacio de 14.5 km de pura galería de arte, ¿cada cuándo lo recorrerías? Ah y muchos jardines. #BeHappy #InGodITrust

Hey wishing you all a happy Friday, which can also be called Fri-yay! I’ll be in my sewing room tonight ♥️


I am so happy and grateful now that I live life on my own terms. .Life is sooo amaaazing right now 😁✌. .I had some of the best steak,lobster

Fear is something everyone feels. We need it in order to keep us safe. The problem is that sometimes our fears are what keep us from experiences

Want to wish this sweet, adorable,silly super smart little boy the happiest of birthdays ever!! It’s been a long journey for your, however, you have

Natural beauty is the best beauty!!!✔❤ Естественная красота - лучшая красота!✔❤ @mrs.l_estethician_sacramento

#TBT Riding and Fishing the Cabot Trail with my puppy🇨🇦🐰 When you're on your bike or fishing, you have one focus...and all your cares seems