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Dad, we made it home!He may never ride this route again. My first time could very well be his last. But what a wonderful experience to ride it

While I’m traveling my road, you can come along and ride the road with me.

So. Freaking. Hot. But. So. Freaking. Fun.

I crossed state lines on two wheels today for the first time!It was also my hottest ride yet. 100°+🥵🥵Fortunately, when I was younger, I was


💋💋💋Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto tantoMe duele cuando no te veo

Thxs to this woman, my mom, for coming out with my dad and me to celebrate Father’s Day today. Both of my parents are “orphans”; their parents

My first time up to Mt. Soledad on two wheels. Great Father’s Day! In Jesus’ Name.


They both did great today, getting out and riding around town. I’m proud of you two!(I’m suppooooooosed to color my mom’s hair, but she changes

I’m glad you’re my dad.You’re the only man that can stand me... for a little while.Happy Father’s Day!

Mt. Soledad on Father’s Day...

• Best Dad •🥂🍊Teach me your ways, and when I get tired of hearing them be quiet.

Like Father, Like DaughterMore like you than I ever knew.

Our love is an everyday love....(New music out now by @ciscoadler !! )

Switch things up today: freeze your Matchas off with @betterbuzz soft serve!!’s Vegan!

Green appetizer: Vegan Matcha Soft Serve and Sunny Days @betterbuzz

Life IS better with @betterbuzz Matcha Soft Serve topped with pistachios, fresh strawberries, and edible flowers. All Vegan. Eat up, Gorgeous. Eat up

Hang up the phone.


Why stay? Don’t wallow, and definitely don’t swallow. Stay good, baby girl, by not staying for that shit. I love you too much. You love you too


One of my favorite moments from tea-day. @gmteabar it’s a large Thai Tea with Boba, and this spot is a new favorite.

I’ve decided to be French. Oui. Merci.The French don’t have “me gustas”.

Life after divorce, learning a trade, finding your freedom, choosing your destiny, making your own way... showing others how to do it.

I might learn how to make money someday.

Listen to the engine rumble, listen to the flapping of the flag, listen to the birds chirping, listen to the wind dancing, listen to the water ripples

I’m not here to tell you how to feel. I’m here to feel what you feel and be with you.

State of mind, where love and life collide; of mood, where life and love exude.

I am the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control....And Sadism.

Rest Stop: I crossed 4 lanes of traffic for you. I was tired. It was inconvenient. But I needed you. And maybe you didn’t need me, but the point is

Immortalized as Birthday Song Performers.Thxs, Parents and my baby. You made my day extra special by wanting to spend it with me. I don’t take that


My one and only

Birthday Girl

Happy National Donut Day🍩Galaxy Donut🍩🌌💙 from @s3coffeebar It’s also their Birthday!! They turned 3 today!! 🥳🥳🥳

Happy National Donut Day🍩Galaxy Donut🍩🌌💙 and Rainbow Latte☕️🌈 from @s3coffeebar It’s also their Birthday!! They turned 3 today

Happy National Donut Day🍩Galaxy Donut🍩🌌💙 from @s3coffeebar It’s also their Birthday!! They turned 3 today!! 🥳🥳🥳

U up?............Don’t fall in love with me.I’m just a CGI.And I’m starting to creep myself out.

Man Me is a beast....Your new Man Crush

Your hottest dream

Ode to @innout at 11pm.Kicked out this song on the spot!Felt cute...might delete later. Idk.😂Where do I sign?____________ 🖊

Meanwhile, at Disneyland...💎🌈✨💕...Tiny Sharpie tattoos on tiny kid hands. (Left photo: @theguidingmonktattoos found on Google)


Super💘•••••••Yul Brenner:Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see!Junior Bevill:I see Junior.Yul Brenner:You see Junior

Love me for the monster I am.————————✨🦄Iridescent Cupcake🦄✨ #PixarFest @disneyland

Hey, let me suck your Chamango straw.👅🥤👅🥤👅🥤👅🥤👅🥤👅🥤————————————————My FAVE mango

The juiciest of fruitsitting betweenmy legs.Requirement: has to eatfruit every day.🍓💦🍌🍊💦

You make things delightful.I see all that’s good in your soul.———————————————Classic Macchiato @thenest.ob

All our dreams can come true when we have the courage to eat a double scoop. @disneyland

☁️🌱✨*green with no envy


Like nectar of the gods. 🌱💚*green juju

The charm must’ve worked. BAErista love. 🥐🍪☺️✨❤️ /// It’s nice to be nice to people, and the ones I’m nice to, the ones that

Pre-Workout : 6oz roast beef on sourdough, macaroni salad, and 2 pickles. I can’t even eat half of it. 😂💪🏼🥪

👆🏼🤷🏼‍♀️😋 When el mero mero hooks you up...and that’s what you get when you party with @sandiegoharleydavidson , only at


There were sweet parts of yesterday. 🍎🍏 Good morning! ☀️✨

Grab bag of surprises. 🐆🖤

I found a woman stronger than any I’d ever known. Probably Swedish.

Space Vagabond 🔭

Loooooong hair / Saturday

But would it be really wrong to walk out like this? Whatever. IDC.

100% Imperfection with a smile, and it is well with my soul.