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Today I finished Cosmetology School!!!4/2/2018-3/22/2019I also was down to $1 in my checking account, with less than 1/4 tank of gas, and called my

I have a “thing” for lines, and shapes, and letters, and find inspiration everywhere. Look at how the light creates lines with the tiles and the

“There’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes”💫💫💫💫💫💫I didn’t get enough chances to say “I love you” today, so I

Skipping savory for the sweet.This won’t affect my hair cutting skills.Waistline TBD. #beckycharms

Rays of Light, Love, & Leadership #beckycharmsBlessings upon you.

Know your Target Audience.🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼For all the “friends” who show blatant disregard for me and my feelings, for all strangers who

Si tú eres para mí, yo soy para tí #beckycharmsTe tengo como loco, yo sé 😘

Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, and I’m like “oh damn” …———————Cosmetology Special Project DayHair/Makeup by:

Welcome into my life,☕️☁️Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato☁️☕️ @starbucksIt’s light, airy, fluffy, whippy, with all the caramel flavor

“I'm sorry to say that the smiles that I give youOne day will be tears in your eyesI'm sorry to give you these memories'Cause memories like this

Me all day, being so happy I’m a woman; always standing up for myself and for women still developing their voices and strength. We’re not better

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.Sometimes you wanna disappear. #beckycharms

I bet she kisses really well. #beckycharmsMakeup Class :: first full-application No filter, just lighting.

I’m “THANK YOU” for everyone... first person to swipe through all photos gets the pot of 💰 at the end of the 🌈 ...because I’ve always

Speak to companies professionally......and in a language they understand: SLOGANS.Just Do It. #beckycharmsI’m here for business, but I’m also

Fried Avocado Taco / Aguacate FritoMeat free.More taco. More sin.The more you resist the more you desire. #beckycharms

Sin wildly.———————Missing this Chamochela. #beckycharms Enjoy your Friday!

🍟🧀🍟 #beckycharms Intuitive eating states that when you’re hungry for something, eat it. I don’t necessarily follow an eating plan called

Oh geez, another coffee post. How original. Oh look, caramel. Wow. I’ve never seen that before. Enjoy...wait, a trenta?!?! #beckycharmsWho’s the

“Solo quiero cuidarteEl alma llenarteCon besos jurar a despertartePorque con solo mirarteAprendí a no dejarteSolo sigo adorándote”

But that’s all I haaaaaaaaaaave✂️😩😭✂️😩😭 @mizutaniscissorsHave you seen the @the_bloody_butcher edition?!?! Need. Not even a

Good night, good morning.I taught her how to diffuse... bestill my heart.💙💚💜 She’s ten, and supports all of my artistic creative ventures

First time Face ChartSpecial FX Makeup classWe even made our own carbon paper with tracing paper.I love this! #beckycharms

The Poke Co. @thepokeco_gaslamp is shaking it up!! // ThXs for redefining delicious! I'm hooked!! (They're so new, their location isn't even listed

That sexy athlete stare. 😉💋 and it's almost my birthdayyyyy!!! 😁 #beckycharms

Meat Stix - cinco roles 😋😋😋 @elpollogrillbonita #beckycharms

Hug my hips, sweet babies. // pan dulce from @northgateglzmrkt #beckycharms

Zorba's Greek Buffet. What you mean you don't eat no meat? // large, fresh chunks of cucumber and tomato atop crisp greens with hummus and tzatziki, a

Chocolate Pot de Crème is stupid posh. But this isn't that. These are berries. And they're ridiculous. #beckycharms

Feeling straight lychee over here. // produce gift from @melissasproduce #beckycharms