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Sorry for being inactive softball season started and haven’t found time to make threads -Follow | @selfcareehunnyy | for more ♡--Tags ♡

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I'm so very in love with @adamlambert 's Song #feelsomething and the live Session Video of this Song 💜✨ So real and so very emotional! Your voice

King Nikola Petrović- Njegoš of Montenegro 🇲🇪 Król Mikołaj Czarnogóry

Photos of Doodle always look like I've boosted the saturation, but her fluff is just that orangey and her nose is just that pink so- #iwokeuplikethis

THIS FRIDAY!!! 1 DAY ONLY!! PRE-ORDER!! Goes up for @busylifeclothing 4th #BirthdayTee at a 1 TIME SPECIAL PRICE!! You don’t wanna miss this release

Looks like we just walked into a super exclusive lipstick party. 🎈..... which shades scream "summer time fine" to you?? #londonsugarcollection

Days like this calls for dresses and of course sun hats!Sun Hat-FredmyersDress- A Boutique back in Alaska. I've had this dress FOREVER! 💕

5반 너~무 재미써 ❕❕

What you looking at Hun👀

ARRASTA PRO LADOOO!!! ➡️E vem comigo pra esse mini vídeo com truque de batom vermelho pra olheiras!! Espero que gostem!! Bjooo maravilhosas

Dicen que los ojos son la ventana del alma, yo creo que las almas se conocen de otra manera ...

'C'è un momento in cui bisogna saper danzare anche senza musica; tu danza e scoprirai che la musica sei sempre stata tu.' 💃🏻❣️✈️