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Stopped by the cliff top village of Barton-on-Sea for a lunchtime walk. The sea today has a slight eeriness about it don't you think? First image

Valentine’s sunset

Final sunset photo 13 February

Waves breaking at sunset.

More sunset splash

Sunset splash

Yesterday’s sunset

Sunset to the right, oil rig to the left

Fiery sky at Barton on Sea

Eroded groynes, wave trails.

Sunset covered by a weather front

Sunset at Milford-on-Sea

Sunset at Milford-on-Sea

Sunset at Barton on Sea beach.

Calm seas.

Sunset, one week into ‘19

Sunset 4 January ‘19

Sunset splash

A break in the clouds.

No visible sunset, capture the water instead. Left tripod at home.

Calm after the storms.

Long exposure at sunset.

Practice in long exposure at sunset.

Practice in Nikon long exposure.

Halloween sunset.

Penultimate October sunset.

Sunset at Barton.

Sunset from somewhere new.

Sunrise over silent. Nikon or iPhone?

Sunrise over the Solent. Nikon or iPhone?