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🔥CLICK THE LINK IN BIO to check out this weeks strength and skill moves everyone.⠀⠀💥This week we hit the ground #running (literally) with

A good #workout program should not be dependant on how you feel but rather on what is your priority. If it is results you are after, you should be

Сегодня прошёл очередной BI Marathon


My top set for my bench 100kgsx4 with chains.. should of added more chains all the way down lol oh well happy with this lift. 😂😁 #powerlifting

[Anzeige/ Verlinkung] Das erste „rantasten“ hat gestern schon mal ganz ordentlich geklappt. ..Ne Menge Mobility mit @manu_freeathlet &


Our bar combines a 215K OSI black chrome steel shaft, 8 quality needle bearings, precision-cut knurl pattern and hard chrome sleeves; the result, an

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Current 2RM @70kg Feeling not bad at all for a 5th set hehe 💁✌️

The right gym shoes are super important. Without appropriate stability you could injure yourself, particularly while performing exercises such as

Public service announcement: Despite what social media might lead you to believe, not everyone is PR-ing all the time. ..This was a failed attempt

Great time tonight and the @angels ACTUALLY won!!! ⚾️🥜🍿🥨


Last heavy peaking session for my mini bulk. 30lbs lighter and still moving some big weight fairly well. Did heavy doubles and ended with a

Donkey calf raises

Сгибания на бицепс на блоке лежа на скамье. Берем рукоять блока крепким обратным хватом уже плеч. Ложимся на спину, вытягиваем руки слегка согнув в локтях и прижимаем к туловищу. Держа плечи не подвижно на выдохе сгибаем руки и дополнительно напрягаем бицепсы, потом медленно опускаем в исходное положение. Музыка: Егор Крид и Филип Киркоров - Цвет настроения черный. #shreddedunion #bodybuilding #motivation #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #azerbaijan #baku #stretch #diet #goals #barbell #gym #loosweight #pg #muscle #protein #coach #fat #press #dedication #aztagram #photography #summer #nutritionist #food #umniytren

Training and working for me today but if it’s a rest day for you enjoy 💕💪

Pushups are a great movement for working your chest, arms and shoulders, and when performed correctly, also have the added bonus of aiding posture and

“The sensation of relief it provides after training, above all on painful shoulders, makes it perfect for intense trainings.” #crossfit #fitness

Try these out 🔥 Flex your tricep at the bottom to fully stretch the bicep and squeeze hard at the top! Watch them grow 💪🏿--- #biceps #arms


Betul apa betul? 😋Yuk bergembira bareng2, saya kasih tau caranya. Gampang banget!! 😊.Coach Diet OnlineCoach Nadia📲 0819669896 /

When executing a snatch or clean, does it ever feel like you have weak leg drive on your extension? Does your lower back always feel overworked? Do

A lot of the time ppl focus so much on brut strength that they forget the key to that brut strength is a smooth technique.😁Probably one of my

No vídeo estamos falando da função da torácica no agachamento. E qual a função do Arco plantar, joelhos tornozelos e quadril no agachamento?


Many people with excess body weight carry fat around their midsection. This fat is a risk factor for many different health conditions, including heart

First time at @pursuitocr and had a blast with some friends. I had two main goals :1) get up the tallest warp wall and2) get to the top of the

Eating to grow 🙌💪-Really nothing beats this feeling-This is still a relatively new concept for me as I have spent most of my life doing the

Arms today yeah I still going to the gym just not posting every day my day is full and take a lot keep up with social media #constancy #weightlost

Not my dayThat was supposed to be 4 sets of 3to5... It happens... And it's a good sign that something is off. My technique was def off (brownie


Don't stop, get it, get it.. Introduced the chains in some more positive rep training, today.Each one weighs about 17lbs. 225lbs on the bar.That

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Don't make excuses, make progress!When your homegirl @allroundlaila flies halfway around the world from Holland to hang and train with you, you

Sunday day off - recovery.. but today..Back in a game 😈👊🏻———➡️⬅️——— #fitness #man #exercise



If you want a stronger core (which includes any muscle responsible for stability within trunk stability) include exercises in your regimen that demand