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#badluck #life #fuckmylife #whyMy battery died now but now I'm more poor thanks to that. The only thing good was that my brother was able to help me

قدَّرَ اللهُ وما شاءَ فعلْQadr Allahu wa masha fa'al.Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened. #qadr #fate

After last time’s fiasco of not finding the sliding door we were sure to make it better this time. Here we were, ready and hot for the wingsuit jump

Good morning😊 #kannada, #kannadamemes, #nammamysurumemes, #goodmorning, #funnyfails, #fails, #funny, #comedy, #badluck.

WU-TANG Return of the WU and friends. Produced & Mixed by: DJ Mathematics. Rza, Gza, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Buddah Bless, Ica da Don, Method Man,

मेरी तो किस्मत ही ख़राब है I simply mean मेरा तो bad luck ही गुड है.!✍️

Today was not our lucky day ☹️. Upside down after a hard drag. Without window and with dented roof continued to the bivouac. #stilldriving

Due to the massive potholes in Omaha, I got a flat tire. I have a spare in my trunk.... but I was rear-ended a few weeks ago, and can’t open or

🔮Angelina Master Psychic As The Answers To What You Want To Know 🔮 @psychicangelina Spiritual Healer And Life Coach For Over 27 Years. Are You

Invocation nouveau Vegeta....Malheureusement je n'ai pas eu de chance... 2 invocations et pas de nouveau Vegeta 😭Mais 2 Son goku SSJ4 encore 1

Photo - Neighbourhood Cat-There's a few cats that roam around the street, and so far all of them seem very friendly. One of them even tried to stop

Have you listened to episode 6 yet? In lieu of #StPatricksDay this past weekend, we talk about all the times we were lucky and what happened! Some

Nearly five weeks ago, I fell off a horse and my rib and breastbone broke. Today the control showed that the rib is much better 🙌 but the

Harmed 02.04.19

Harmed 02.04.19

Relax, you’re in paradise 🌓

It was a year ago when I bought the #focusrs you can see at first I really loved that #car if I had known it was going to be 4 months of straight

Here's how my days been so far...· Sleep disrupted from nightmares all last night· had a hard time falling back to sleep because roommates· Woke

. #q || Was ist eure Lieblingsserie? #a || American Sniper.——————————————{ Help }App. : PicsArtCredits: