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📸 için @erdemmsen’e teşekkür ederiz. 💙💚 --------------------------------------------------------------------- #çadır #travel #doğa

Fort Jesus 👣Hands up if you are Kenyan and the last time you visited this place was during a school trip


Promise the beach pictures are nearly finished 🤷🏻‍♀️


REPOST: 📷 @sophie.saydah⠀a free brunch, a proposal, and a booze cruise are the three components of the perfect trip with my girls

Does this iconic face creep anyone else out, or is it just me? 🤔🤔 How epic are these colours though, 10/10 would pose for a "candid" pic here

La primera vez que fui al Nevado de Pastoruri fue hace 13 años, recuerdo lo grande que era el glaciar y como me divertí jugando con mis amigos con


❤️ "Dream Big ❤️. #traveldeeper  #hotelroom  #traveler  #worlderlust #roamtheplanet  #roadtrip  #whitesand  #bucketlist #exploremore 

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❤️ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" Who would you stay here with? Double tap if you want your next week to start like this! ❤️.🤟 Thank

Last night in Israel. I decided to walk to the marina and along the boardwalk one last time. I have an early morning and I need to be washed, packed

heron or herring?


they locked their hearts with love to this bridge, can you guess how many of them are still together right now? I can tell it is only about 10 percent

Geçtiğimiz haftasonu gerçekleştirdiğimiz bu yürüyüşte kendimi gizemli bir ormanda kaybolmuş gibi hissettim. 🌌 Atmosfer muhteşemdi.

Tenemos amplios lockers con candado para que cada huésped guarde su equipaje.🧳🎒. We have large padlocked lockers for each guest to store

一種期待。 ☺️I'm a photographer ,a mother.❤️films 📷nikon F3, nikon D4s,Leica M3。❤️ travel ,coffee ,ocean,camping


🇵🇹🇵🇹 I’m staying in Portugal, byyyyyye

🇮🇹 Un pomeriggio normale in quel di Pescara (Abruzzo | Italia) 🐕A normal afternoon in Pescara center (Abruzzo | Italy) 🐶Una tarde

Strolling around republic square at midnight. While everyone was asleep. ( Yes. Armenian people sleeps early) Here I am taking picture 😂 pa pose

The infinity room from the Yayoi Kusama exhibit

Swipe left to see me on my rock 🏰

pierre feuille papier ciseau, voici la route pour vous mener tout en haut _____________Route de Villefortphotography @borre_z_____________


Eu adoro e #simplicidade e a beleza do interior. E assim foi esse passeio.Clique no link que fica na descrição deste perfil @mapadaamerica e

Non vedo perché dovrei essere cordiale e accondiscendente con tutti, quando persino i carciofi hanno le spine......... #travel #traveling

La natura è in cima alla lista dei potenti tranquillizzanti e dei riduttori di stress. È stato accertato che il semplice suono dell’acqua che