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今日から人生の新たな物語が始まります。ユニバで通訳の仕事ゲッツ👍Today, I start a new chapter in my life as an

I’m ashamed to say that this iconic album is only a recent discovery for me but it was certainly worth waiting for! Etta James has a rough edge to

My boyfriend got me hooked on Pokémon go... and so we’ve been visiting parks and walking a lot more than we use to. I got a nice little shot today

Time for action # aggression on the field #Meru Cricket Club (MCC) #jersey 17😊 #atlast victory # finally your contribution create your worth #proud

The skull of King Kong himself, and with that my collection of Skull Island Weta Collectibles is complete!!! More pictures to follow... #weta

My Panda listening to Etta James. has no idea I'm taking a video She loves oldies. When she was first born I must of sang this song to her a

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my best friend. I hope you have the best day because you deserve it! Words cannot describe how much I love and

I had a blast with this! Adding cruise performer to my resume. 💁‍♂️☺️😉 🎶🎵🎹 .............. #atlast #atlastcover

So FINALLY got a picture up in this house 💃 2 weeks later and the help of these magical things that go in to brick #yay #atlast

For the past year, we have been collaborating with @pellinglab to demonstrate how different cells can grow on mycelium macrostructures. Our first

I was up very early (for me 😂) to shoot an engagement session in the beautiful Shropshire hills. I am also up to date with all my wedding enquires

Well... Thank God... It looks like Spring is here to Stay!!!YIPPEEEEE!!!!!Sending you all Lots of love!!!Selfie on The Long Balcony....

🤩😍GOD IS GREAT! Thank you 🤩😘LORD, for answering my PRAYERS lately especially This MAN, I didn't believe the Chicago NYPD dept from the

Dejo por acá la noticia de que hoy Venus entró en Piscis donde se siente muy, muy a gusto y se queda hasta el 20 de abril. Además, la última luna

Just ✌🏼Georgia 🍑🍑 reunited in Texas strolling around a market & it sure was SWEET-TEEA! 👯‍♀️🥤 @enewc623 @magnolia

Now waiting for my epidural and injections, looking forward to seeing what the results are over the next few weeks ✌ who else has had them? How did

Nearly there #summer 👀 😎💃 But do love me a bit of spring time too. Hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather. Wishing you all happy sunnier

Ok so I want to do another recording with the legendary @danny_kirsch_music in spring/ far like these song options and have realised that

I spy a proper spring morning. It makes my heart so happy 🥰. I’m fine now until January the 2nd 😂, I do really get the January February (and

At last! Just you and me! ❤️❤️❤️