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This is probably the stupidest smartest thing I’ve ever seen in my life 😳🤭😂-If you could do this to get out of stuff, would you? Lmao

Saturday, March 23rd 2019: Worries throughout the week dissolve as you REST. Find an activity that promotes mental stimulation or mental rest. Stop

Good evening, afternoon or morning ! Don’t forget you can always dm me if you need advice etc I will channel my empath ways and help xoxo - N

きょうのカード 24 Mar 2019

Went looking for aurora, but haven’t seen it. Took some pics of the stars though

I got a new crystal😍😍😍And a retail therapy day. Got a whole new wardrobe, about to play the lottery, then go home and go to sleep. Today was

Aquarius-Pisces friendship is like an utopian dreamy fairytale happening in outer space and in the deepest most magical places of the Atlantic Ocean

Let there be lightness in your heart. 💗

OMG THESE MFS can be talking to you and literally shut up mid-sentence, out of nowhere!!! for no GODDAMM REASOON! I would know because I even do it

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth

Once you realise you are not here to be liked by everyone, validated for everything and programmed by technology and tyrants. You can find yourself

#AstroFrase 🎠.Ningún vínculo llegará a tu vida sin tener un sentido seguro.Todo en el Universo funciona cómo espejo y fuente de enseñanza

Suelo publicar a partir de cumpleaños, pero con tal visitante ilustre en Montevideo me pudo la curiosidad. ¿Cómo es la carta de Angela Davis? De

ПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЯ ПО ЗНАКАМ ЗОДИАКА.Решила я составить рейтинг преступлений по знакам зодиака. Ни в коем случае, не принимайте на свой счёт. Здесь я выложу какие, по моему мнению, преступления совершил бы тот или иной знак зодиака. Итак, поехали:1. Овен♈ - убийство в состоянии аффекта.2. Телец♉ - угон автомобиля.3. Близнецы♊ - государственная измена.4. Рак ♋- геноцид.5. Лев♌ - ограбление музея.6. Дева♍ - брачный аферист.7. Весы♎ - ограбление банка.8. Скорпион ♏- заказное убийство конкурента.9. Стрелец♐ - отравление.10. Козерог♑ - карточный шулер.11. Водолей ♒- изнасилование с подставой.12. Рыбы♓ - похищение человека.Согласны?😁😁😁😁 #астрология #астролог #гороскоп #новаяастрология #спк #astrology #astrologer #horoscope #newastrology #sts

They can talk for hours and then be hella sneaky and secretive out of nowhere! I GUESS THEIR DOUBLE PERSONA I love them💖 #zodiacmemes #astrology

Feeling my sign today ...

Los planetas en la astrología representan características, energías y manifestaciones de los signos. Son como embajadores de estos. Cada uno rige

🗯 STILL AVAILABLE🗯.i’m obsessed with all things celestial so these were a must buy for me