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he really is the president

do you ever just crave a hug like not even with any meaning behind it just like... a hug idk -allie

I cannot breathe, I’ve never laughed so hard ‘FIlm kaTuRiYA’ @chinnathamizha (ft jaywalk) latest postignore tags

"... Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither

Kidney beans are her current favorite food 🤷‍♀️ paired with some grape tomatoes & brown rice. Mango for dessert 🥭 #JoniEats #BLW

Waiting for you.

Will Christina start and maintain a theme again?? Tune in next time to see...

🔥Adidas Pod-S3.1🚧

this makes me mighty sad -allie

Heute war ein sehr schöner Tag mit unseren Freunden. Haben den Geburtstag von meinem Verlobten und mir nachgefeiert🎉🎁, und waren anschließend

Thnx for letting me keep this kimono forever mom, I look so cool rn mwah <3

I've been trying my best to lose weight. And here I am, from 270 to 255 lbs since January. And lots more to go!!! I am not in any rush and I am still

the look I give when i thought the waiter was coming to me with my food 📷 @pyou714

315s starting to feel real comfortable again 😤. Weighing about 150. Hopefully I can switch gyms before I leave for Myanmar. Cause your boy need

🌙If I could live in a bookstore I would🌱

New YouTube video uploaded!URL on bio .今回は眉毛についてだけの眉毛のビデオを作りました!URL はbioに🎥.Music @rgupt

When in a Ninja 🐉::::::::::::::Leave your comments down below and guess what is this place? me zipping my mouth be like 🤫

Mom, can we go home yet? 🥺

🥦🥬🥒MORE veggies PLEASE🥬🥒🥦 臘腸臘肉炒芹菜韭菜花this is a green post! We have been posting so much proteins! It’s time for

Looking for u. 💋

Imma professional drinker. 😉

Golden hour....This look is slightly diff from what I just posted. I added darker colors in the crease to add some depth....Eyes: @natashadenona

In the chaos of this entire week, I completely forgot to take a photo of my work appropriate/everyday neutral look I created for my new video. But

🍇...Eyes: @natashadenona mini lila palette (poison berry & blue dahlia), the original lila palette (juneau), & the tropic palette (zena);

I dreamt of dyeing my hair purple again. Should I? 😏...Eyes: @natashadenona mini lila palette (poison berry & blue dahlia), the original lila