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Very early morning linoprinting; inspired by “Sina de Caboclo” by the extraordinary Nara Leao, a powerful, brilliant Brazilian singer, composer

_062..._ Work in progress shot of a track bike in the making. Exploring core graphic on the frame that splits the frame from the rear cassette... I


Morning doodles.🌤 My werewolf oc and mermaids.I'm getting my mojo back I think. My life feels very up in the air since I'm graduating and moving

In telling myself this, more than anything, but this is gonna be the my last post for awhile. I've got "life things" that need all my focus. Hopefully

One of my favorite scenes in #thezoneuniverse's "Time For Danger" in Chapter 2, which can be accessed by clicking the link in my bio (will be there

I’m all set up here at Albury Village Hall for the @surreyartcraft fair! Come say hello and check out some of the amazing stalls here today

:Authentic paintings

“He slimed me!” Bill Murray’s classic cry from Ghostbusters. And here’s the culprit! #10 in my YouTube Movie Monsters series... Slimer!


Digital work | Around 5 hours

If you have ever suffered from a ’frozen shoulder’ you’ll understand the euphoria felt when it starts to ’thaw’ (now I can finish my larger

Experimenting with highlights.This is a study I did of a unconstructed form described with a language that’s is widely used in 3D design


#mermay 11: ElectricThis one might kinda look a little bit off,I think I made that one hand too big and the right eye way too small,oh well,I'm sure

Не давно копалась в своих альбомах и наткнулась на эту фотку... Эту картину я нарисовала моим друзьям, они переезжали в другой город 🌃 и мне хотелось подарить им на память что-нибудь! Всегда, когда делаю подарки родным я вкладываю душу, вкладываю себя в это и тем самым подарок становится ещё значимее, по крайнее мере для меня 😊 Надеюсь, что частичка меня живёт с ними и радует их ❤️ _ Делайте подарки родным, любимым, друзьям))) Порадуйте их))). Принимать подарки всегда приятно, но для меня делать подарки 🎁 вдвойне приятнее 😊😊😊_«НА ОДНОЙ ВОЛНЕ!НА ОДНОЙ ОРБИТЕ!» ©️ #sketch_sab #sketch #sketching #sketchbook #asketchaday #sketchart #art #illustration #рисунок #astrakhan #арт #иллюстрация #эскизназаказ #скетч #скетчинг #скетчингмаркерами #скетчбук #скетчкаждыйдень #drawing #draw #style #krasnodar #астрахань #подарок #художники #sketches #sketchers #artistsoninstagram

Reeee, hello. New post yay! I really bad at keeping a posting schedule so y'all are gonna have to bare with meArt by *****(


Mountains 🏔 Heights...i Love ❤️❤️oh i miss Naran Valley 🤩🌈💕 Go...and travel 🤩 it is your time 🥳 #feelings #freedom

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN 🇿🇦 Where are you from? Drop your flag below! I know I have Africans from all over the continent on here🙌🏾🙌🏾

Was so thrilled last night to have a message from our good friends at Church that they wanted to purchase the original and print of “Turquoise Tide

I did a raffle on my ffxiv account, and chose three winners, the first place winner has given me their lalafell character to sketch up! And shes so

On the Mundi Mundi plain,near silverton enormous and very long ravine,gouged out by what must have been tremendous amounts of water years ago

Capricorn ♑️✨This earth sign is responsible, disciplined and can be serious. Capricorns love music, traditions and their family💓 being

🖤🌼 by @dziarska.ania


Like whispers He made it to my heart,over the years, through thick and thin.From the eyes within I am learning to be awareof the spark spirits cast

Positive mind. Positive vibes. The way I want to begin my summer.

For the first time not only a tourist 🥰👩🏼‍🏫🎨


.I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't exist!!.Dj SRV got the whole club Swing on the Chandelier instead! .💯✅.

.Best believe that when you need that,I'll provide that you will always have it,Like hey mama mama, hey mama mama....Life does not come with a

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