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Redraw/redesign!Yay a little improvement :3 I forgot what day I made him I just remember the month and year :'3 I liked drawing this boyo

edit: this is the last repost i sWEaRoof sorry for not posting for a while i’m not punctual at aLL so have this extremely rushed drawing of my oc


' SNAKECHARMERS '______________________________________________*****************************************🔷LIMITED • NEW • SERIES🔷

Such a beautiful day here in Colorado. Took a walk and saw a handsome little #housefinch hanging out on my front porch. Now I am sitting with all my

Dirty Hands #drawing, #art, #artwork, #yellow, #greenhair, #lookdown, #hands, #dirty, #dirtyhand, #disappointment, #bluebackground, #girl, #artistsoninstagram,

This is one of my OC that I recently created! She still doesn’t have a name yet. Also sorry again for not posting recently I’ve been really busy

Went plein air painting with @daiki_miwa and @soymiilky on Sunday (didn’t have time to post until now whoops). We went to Griffith Park to catch

☆ dream a little dream of me ☆.one of my favorite things to do is to grab a rock from outside and do a painting on it, so I though I would share

Cuida la papaya mijita PD: Amooo mi nueva tableta monitor, me ayudo a salir de este bloqueo artístico, y ustedes también grax

This was made using watercolors and Indian ink. I messed up on the mouth, so I just covered it up with a face mask. ✨ #watercolor #watercolors #oc

Some sketches along with a few of my French notes. She's a character I plan to put in the graphic novel we're making for my class.... #art #artist

Segundo desenho da sequência de 6 do Castlevania...esse deu um pouco mais de trabalho, o lápis branco estava no fim e a câmera não valorizou tanto

“Grandiflora” has just been uploaded onto Bluethumb Art. This bold and eye-catching painting is built up over many layers and is heavily textured

SONG- MINDSET💭💢⛑ PROD-JAYMEETSWORLD🌏...I'm sitting on so much music for you guys. Thinking about posting to YouTube so y'all can get

Oil on canvas from an exhibition a few yrs back. Started playing with oils again and enjoying. Just not the clean up lol #oiloncanvas #artexhibition

Blep Bot the original I'll probably change its design. Also I'm gonna make more of them••••• #art #originalart #blepbot

“Old Town”, “Gentle Breeze”, and “Who Came First, the Dancer or the Drum?”, respectively. I’ve been working on a jumble of daily

So here is this portrait for @alinitydivine - from Colombia to Colombia 🇨🇴😎🇨🇴 I hope you like it😁.... #conceptart

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I couldn't resist drawing the thicc babygirl. I have other drawings of her but I dont know where.Hope y'all are having a fucking day.🎶tags🎶


Esquisse/ face workI stopped photoshop for a few time. I really need to improve my style and my technique.

BORIS INJAC: Prepare, Window, Now! Exhibition is finished, show is closed, circus have left the town. I would like to say thank you to all who came to

Terminada 🙋 el shading ya está terminado. Espero que les guste el resultado final (pueden ver ambas versiones). @arianagrande

La araña que se convirtió en bruja.Sólo era una simple araña venenosa que vivía feliz en el bosque hasta que un día hubo una lluvia de


i‘m not extra

Sound of the Void- 36”x36”oil on canvas inspired by a NASA recording of sounds in space. Celestial isn’t necessarily pleasing 😉😜🤪Sound