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Soy un hombre sensibleMi cuerpo, una orquestaMi rostro cubierto, un sacrificioMis manos, mi instrumentoMi corazón, un sol de veranoMi piel es de


Hoy me encuentro con fuerzas para hablar de ti.Quererte ha sido fácil, olvidarte será imposible.Hemos compartido penas y alegrías, llantos y

Ekaterina Pashkevich, Belarus. Self Portrait with Vienna Chair - 2019 - 150x80 - Oil on canvas [Introduction Collection] #art #artworks #artwork

Googled abstract meninas and there among Manolo Valdes appears my 💃Menina a Primer Impacto‼️collage and acrylic on canvas

Friendship..Beautiful Poppy and BryonyFrom my last workshop in this year!Mod @x.poppyj.x & @bryony.watson #fineartphotography

An evening window display at Gallery 6 in Newark on Trent. Now open every day up to and including Christmas Eve. 9.30 - 4.00 Monday - Saturday Sunday

Day 349...’here we go’ mixed media on paper...playing with warm cool combos as well as shapes...reflects some of the busyness of this week ...have


Love this photo art by @eyesboyzinsta.

This exhibit pays homage to some of the most important members of our natural environment: birds. 16 artists have gathered to share how they have been

We invite you to light the Menorah and commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah with us on December 22 in the lobby at the @14streety at the special

@ComfiArt is currently on the search of 20 amazing artists to be featured in our 2020 series of #DesignandMuse. There are only FIVE DAYS left to apply


I’m not sure how I feel about this one, i still have a lot of improvement to do but hope you guys like ✌🏼

Как же хочется взять и просто порисовать арты для себя. Столько эмоций внутри, столько набросков,столько накопилось, столько всего хочется сказать. !!!Но!!! учеба в этом семестре отнимает слишком много времени и сил.Если не завалю обе сессии в этом году,то вернусь к артам на каждый день и/или НАПЬЮСЬ.😂 #арт #artist #sketch #sketchbook #sketching #followforlike #followme #happynewyear #newyear #artwork #artgallery

My ‘Jimi’ piece of art! #artcommisions #artjournal #artfollowers #artworks #artdirect #artofinstagram #artcollections #artcompany




Let it snow!❄️

"Bruma"Autor: Nicolás A. Delgado RamírezPintura realizada al óleo sobre lienzo de lino - Obra Disponible en Artes Jomasa. Málaga. ❤️ www.

Mi obra pictórica: “Jesús de Nazaret” en la Exposición Colectiva “Arte en Navidad” de la Sala Aires de Córdoba, C/ Arguiñán, 2. 🎨 www


Old small size cityscape painting 50x50 cm. I was trying to mix some new oldhollandcolours and mhoilpaints Great colour palette.........

Pintura em acrílico "O meu auto retrato, do ser em ascensão de intelecto e alma no infinito deste abismo do universo a caminho de Deus o artífice

Le KGB (КГБ), sigle du russe Komitet gossoudarstvennoï bezopasnosti , soit le Comité pour la Sécurité de l'État, est le principal