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“Mosaique Surface introduces a multimedia collection that brings a fresh new look, La LibertàLa Libertà inspires new design possibilities for

We built the modular frames for this massive video wall and also custom monitor mounts. Our passion is being creative and working with other creative


Elara Dangles - MintWhy do the earrings have names? They are in honor of people that inspired and encouraged GRAMMAR or who stand as inspirational

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Stacking Sterling Silver Rings, getting ready! 📏📝

A hanok (Korean: 한옥, 韓屋) is traditional Korean house. Hanoks were first designed and built in the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty.

The Panorama House by Anjay SonjarLocated in Nasik, India.Photograph ©: Hemant Patil and Monali SonarFollow @ArchitecturalReality for more!

Proyecto Ampliación / Franco Zanelatto Interiorismo y Arquitectura...Visualización en conjunto con Arq. @rocioveranardoni ....

Here is a project update for our job-site on Adera St. in #Vancouver #BritishColumbia which made the news on multiple different platforms when fear

It's a neo-Renaissance style building inaugurated in 1910 and built for the insurance company of the same name, founded by Antonio Devoto. It has two


Here it is at 30 hours...still projecting to take over 400...what have I got myself into, that’d be more than double the longest I’ve spent on one

Sansiveria are the best: modern, old world, last forever. This design was created for a foyer area of our local hospital.....always my pleasure..

Presents.Featured Artist: @brejdakbrejdakCongratulations!________________________________________▪ TRANSFER VISIONS Buildings ▪Excellent

@vibialight MUSA WallDesigned byNote Design StudioMusa, made from an aluminum base with a triple blown-glass opal diffuser, combines delicacy and


Monday night, just right 🐶👌🏻

Quarto de criança - projeto arq. Tatiane Padilha, colaboração arq. Paulo Siqueira - @ps.arqui @tati.padillha..............

Multi Cube Choker in rhodium plated silver and brass.⁣•⁣I love the way this is geometric and shows all it's edges and angles, but still moves

In search of: these lol. We’ve collected quite a few but are on the hunt for a few more pieces. These are going to be used for Heather & Pete’s


[ Catedral | Petropolis |

We try to provide our clients the best product we can. We wanted to change to the look of the property without having to do much to the exterior or

Quarto de criança - projeto arq. Tatiane Padilha, colaboração arq. Paulo Siqueira - @ps.arqui @tati.padillha..............

Quarto de criança - projeto arq. Tatiane Padilha, colaboração arq. Paulo Siqueira - @ps.arqui @tati.padillha..............

Hard to tell from this #architecturalphoto but it was taken at a height of about 8 feet. Using a mast (a tall tripod) with the camera controlled by

Bugünün çoçuğu, yarının büyüğü ve geleceğimizin güvencesi tüm çoçuklarımızın 23Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve çocuk bayramını kutlar

Do you crave for Dim Sum or Chinese food at ungodly hours? Say like, 3:30 am? Don’t worry, Honey Court Seafood Restaurant is there for you. Designed


A spectacular completely new and fully remodeled 4/3 home 🏡by @taaogroup . Prime location 🎯! Located in a prestigeous neighborhood of #miami

Dubai presenta su último megaproyecto, el Coca Cola Arena frente al edificio más alto del mundo, Burj Khalifa, en Emiratos Árabes Unidos. Un

We love when happy customers share photos of our furniture with us! As seen here— our natural steel and glass #flatfile coffeetable in its new home

Olha que bacana. 😃😍 Com um desagn contemporâneo, um verdadeiro projeto fora da caixa, do que costuma vê do tradicional, Com suas janelas de


Congratulations to HASSELL for Darling Harbour Public Realm and Snøhetta + JPE Design Studio for UniSA Pridham Hall which have been shortlisted for

.In the late 1920s, Barragán was associated with a movement known as Guadalajara (city in Mexico) School, which espoused a theory of architecture

.Luis Barragán House and Studio (1948)🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔻🔻🔻🔻🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔻🔻🔻🔻One of Mexico's

. The Torres de Satélite ("Satellite Towers") are located in Ciudad Satélite, in the northern part of Mexico City. It started in 1957 with the