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Sometimes my pictures have hella e-girl energy and idk how to feel about it


Who says that ball pits are just for babies? Kole has an obsession with anything circular or ball shaped which was why this was perfect for his 2nd


Aplicação D- ring em Titânio grau implanteÉ o modelo D- ring para aba nasal, ele imita uma argola, mas por dentro é reto e tem uma chapa que

... Minecraft is probably what hitler would have titled his autobiography if he had gotten into art school

Ich schwitze Blut, wenn ihr mich zwingt in eurem Rhythmus zu marschieren.Wenn ihr glaubt, ihr könntet mich kontrollieren. 🔥 #turmbauzubabel

Had a great time working with @mch1329 find more of he's work on intstagem It would be great to here your thoughts and also site/style suggestions

I need this...💔


Swipe ➡️I still had to see my therapist today even tho my throat is sore and I can barely talkIt was a weird session.She gave me some homework

THE DARK SIDE OF THE SAND GABRIELLA COMPAGNONE Sand Artist @gabriella.compagnone #sandartist Pink And Us Omaggio Pink Floyd Ph @giovanni_ruzzi

This “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” book was signed TWICE by Robert Ripley at the Chicago World’s Fair, A Century of Progress in 1933. This



#Repost @thedoorsgt• • • • • •El 5 de Octubre estaremos de regreso en nuestro Whisky a Go Go de Guatemala: @somabargt

Loma: Black WillowAlbum: LomaRelease: 2018Genre: #alternative @lomatheband ❤️

It's hard to see but the back of the collar says, I Drink Of My Sisters.

Queden dos dies per tornar-nos a veure 😆 El dijous obrim la nit a La Font, a les 23:30 al Parc Tirant i Carmesina. Tenim moltes ganes de tornar a


🌹----Send me your flowers of your december...___________________________________Send me your dreams of your candy wine...

Nunca lembro de tirar foto no rolê, tiro foto antes de sair mesmo 😅Esse fds dancei como não dançava a muitos anos, a festa inteira e de salto,

Amb les bateries carregades 🔥🔋🔥, en poc més d’una setmana hi som! 🎊🎊🎊 • ⭐️ •Con las baterias cargadas 🔥🔋🔥, en

🐆💙 now my pet cheetah's quicker in the studio than on his feet 💙🐆


A post to help parents with stubborn kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍓follow ~ @workout.chronicles follow ~ @workout.chronicles

Tonight is a night of avant-garde acts featuring women showcasing noise sounds and poetic music. There’s a nice artsy crowd, not too crowded,

Aaaaaaand finally a new post!! 🙌🙌This time it’s a “Get to know me”, hope you can read it 😬 (sorry about the handwriting... 😅). I’

art is you and i 🌀 ...——————————————————————————————— #emo #emogirl #grunge


Deniyoruz bir şeyler🖖🏻

I hear the waves but they can’t take me anymore. I stand calmly on the shore, I sit patiently as they grow more... but I want more. ✨*’Baby’

I rarely take commissions due to the fact that they take a bit longer to do than my usual paintings. I like the turn out of this one, it’s a

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift💕........ #darkness #dark