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I bought more matcha tea here in Norway, and it hurt my wallet. 60NOK for 20 teabags (€6, $7), while in Sweden I paid 20SEK (almost €2 , $2). Oof

I was sober all morning till I woke up this afternoon 🎶


❤️🍃❤️ Astuces Difficile pour toi de prendre les deux litres d’eau recommandés? Ajoutes une huiles d’agrumes de haute qualité et


This is one of my favourite pictures of him, he’s so sweet...I feel bad now that everyone is asking where’s the album rather than how’s the

"Declare guerra a quem finge te amar, declare guerra A vida anda ruim na aldeia, chega de passar A mão na cabeça de quem te sacaneia..." -Barão


My face hurts

beautiful hell


my boredom has outshined the sun

Had a nesting day and needed to build this and rearrange my room. Much happier now 🖤

Meine liebe Hannah, wir haben uns lange nicht mehr gesprochen. Ich hoffe es geht dir gut! Ich habe die tollen Bilder wieder entdeckt! Ganz liebe Gr


•𓅓• Illustrations are like life!! It takes a long way to get to the finish 🏁... So in the mid time we must play and enjoy the ride!! 🎢


Siento atracción por las personas que hacen lo que quieren por encima de lo que los demás esperan que hagan ... Libres los llaman. #tattooed

I’ve got the chanclas in the back 🤠

#15 - E l i o s G a l l a g h e r --Miembro de los Mercenarios-Rango: 4 estrellas-Arma sagrada: rifle semiautomático AR-15


Does anyone wanna come by and help me take some pics outside for a change? XD. I have a ton I wanna be able to do with this page, but a lot of things

White stripes

Gold and flowers



Old School sportwear


20th March 2019帽子: blackunicorndesignsネックレス: wonderlandmc98レースガウン: sophieandherstore