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Can you relate ??

On days where I don’t feel too flash or want some me time. This is where I come. It’s just me and my thoughts where I can relax, reflect and

Another one! Feels good to be creative, and the process feels rewarding. It’s nice to finish things.....(I always think art won’t help me be

Can I just tell you HOW EXCITED I AM TO GO HOME TOMORROW?!There are A LOT of perks that come with this job, and I would never trade it for anything

Yang terberat adalah rindu, maka izinkanlah kupilih menemuimu dalam rasa karena cinta tak selalu didepan mata #alonetime

Remember that happiness is a way of travel- not a destination. 😝💚🌞 #Godspeed

I took this afternoon to spend some quality alone time in the kitchen, preparing myself a healthy meal. Sparked by some recent positive shifts, I

I really like my #alonetime, but I’m trying to make a #change.

Walk done for the day ☺️🐶.Went for an hour work with my little man 🐶💜.Now time to think about lunch. So grateful for my one day off a

And today I’m talked out ✌🏼🤪

Sometimes you just have to take some time to yourself to go outside in the cold air, build a fire and stare into the flames 🔥 #fire #campfire

One of my favourite time of the day is when both babies are asleep and I can finally put both feet up and relax for a little while in peace... what I

Any one else have “momambition”? -So many thoughts and motivation to knock out that to do list and have time left over for themselves.... and

I’ve been avoiding these due to more engaging and stimulating activities but now, alas, I have to face the present. This weekend I’m going to

New nails & a lunch date with myself.💅🏻🥗🍺I’m about it.Do you enjoy spending time with yourself or do you feel the need to always be


Some people come inTo pass gosome people come in To live together foreverbut In fact, everyone came through.for From each other forever