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🎠Tutta la Toscana, e Firenze in maniera speciale, è la parte dell’Italia dove la pietra ha più valore. Firenze è una città di pietra. L’

Everyone has wings, it’s upon you to decide when to fly....

The only via feratta in Portugal 🏔🇵🇹In the middle of nowhere.Still working on the movie of this two month trip. Hope I can soon upload the

Inca is loving the spring sunshine! it was once upon a time of #Lakeland #alpaca #walks, delightful handmade

Super #thankful for all the extremely kind and thoughtful words and birthday wishes yesterday. As I always say, God has put some pretty awesome

@josepedrobaptista and me on a mountain in Bogotá because where else would you be on a wednesday afternoon? 🙊🤷‍♀️👫-----

Wild baby squirrel adopts me while I attempt to garden. I gave him water and cashews but what he really wanted was to cuddle. A Snow White moment.

Exhausting 5 hr car rides and 9 hr bus rides to get to sunshine, beach time, and so much more. The road is long, but in the end most of the time it's

Lago Di Braies, Italy 🇮🇹Rate Italy 1to 10?Photo by: @elcampa1969

Happy birthday to an amazing mother and son... @joyfilled_events... They are indeed Heros. God bless you both....Digital painting by @jarticul for

Collecting moments in this beautiful paradise #puglia———————————————————— @authenicpugliatours #travel

Do you have a deep desire to belong? To have friends that truly know you?.That type of community is out there and the Peru team got to experience it

Dreaming of chasing sunsets and sunrises through snow capped mountains and pine trees 🌲 🗻

What amazing weather we had at Druridge Bay this morning. It was like a summers day! We explored the country park and a bit of the beach this morning

💫For a healthy life, all we need is integrity with nature.👀 ..Tag someone to camp there with 😉🙌😀😀😀 #adventures #getoutside

Yummy burgers in NYC! 🍔 Hamburguesas deliciosas en NYC! This is the av🥑 burger...gracias @heygustaf por llevarme. 🥰

The time has finally come to retire my SAS passport. It is somewhat poetic that my first stamp in this passport was in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2009 to

Amazing to me that we got our bus for a great price with so little miles. This bus is just asking for more #adventures. <3Time to start framing it

So as I tuck my little spud up in bed tonight I have been a wash of emotion... after a lovely day at the zoo I start to think about all the big

Thank you soooo much for your response to the stories I've been posting. I heard about Antarctica's #jadebergs and am blown away by how beautiful they

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I miss Howth. I can't help wishing it was a 40-minute train ride from me, not Dublin. Last one up the cliffs is a rotten egg. 🙃

Confidence is the food of the wise man but the liquor of the fool..

I love being #onthego #exploration excites me.seeing life as this big window that you gaze through from your bedroom. This life that's got you

Svaka je tura priča za sebe, a ova posebno ❄☁️☁️💙..........Vran 📌🌍 location #Blidinje 🌲 #naturepark