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Man crashes a borrowed Benz while speeding in Delta..A man has incurred huge debt in Sapele, Delta State, after crashing a Benz he was lent...

Got rear ended by a young kid 2 cars behind me when stopped at a res light. Was hit hard twice! Paramedic checked out my hubs bleeding lips and my

Me, every time I fall/bail out of a trick 😂😂😂 just act like it’s on purpose and no one will know 😇 #Repost @roulalalala with

My dad painted the first picture. It was a time before my accident, when I was in a bad place (in a corner, in the fetal position). I painted the

Check out the story when I found out glitter was the lice of the craft world. My objective, in my blog, is to inform you about a nifty trick I

One of our locals and veteran, Martin Riebe is currently fighting for his life in a Seattle hospital. On March 21, he was involved in a work related

From sunup to sundown, our offices are ready to welcome you with open arms. Let our team fight for what you deserve. Let us be the power in your

You break it, we fix it! Lots of frame work done on this car but after hours of straightening and aligning panels the car is now not only back to

After an accident, you have so many questions about what to do next. One of those questions, may include "Do I still have a case if the damages I

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Spatial Awareness = Accident/Incident Prevention - The example shows that checking surroundings especially with large goods vehicle is vital when

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Took this while trying to set the camera up for a group photo of the girls @hpunktgh 😍 thanks to this gorgeous couple for getting in

How about you try holding your pee in when you’ve only been alive for 13 weeks? 💦 #peepeeboy

Albany Fire T11 ___________________________________________________________ Photo credit: my sister