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Второй учебной неделе посвящается😹⠀Эта фраза - следующая по популярности после «а голову ты дома не забыл?»😂⠀Какие школьные клише и шаблонные фразы вы помните?⠀Расскажите всем, вместе посмеёмся😈⠀ *Follow us for more💝*📷 Via : @cotangens_abycat #abyssinianfawn #abyssinianruddy #abyssinianguineapig #abyssinianguineapigs #abyssinianlovers #abyssiniantabby #abyssinianmix #abyssiniansorrelkittens #abyssiniankitties #abyssinian_feature #abyssinianofinstagram #abyssiniansofinstagram #abyssiniankitten #abyssiniancatclub

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Гнома ухаживает за сынулей. Это второе потомство у Гномы. В этот раз она ведет себя гораздо спокойней и уверенней. 💘 Follow for more 😉*Comment below if You like this 💕*😝 Credit @abyssinian_cats_fun*💘 Tag your friends 👇 #abyssinianfawn #abyssiniansofinstagram #abyssinianmix #abyssinianofinstagram #abyssiniancats #abyssinian_cat_lovers #abyssiniancattery #abyssinianguineapig #abyssiniankittens #abyssinianruddy #abyssiniankitties

This was from when mom and I went on our road trip to Daytona! I got to nap in her lap while she fed me all kinds of treats🥰 wish we could go on


New cage, same us! 💕 it's not entirely done yet. We still have to shave down and add some coroplast on the side but so far it's alright. Not

Мелкошку вам в ленту😸 для поднятия боевого духа в этот чудесный сентябрь☺️ Со времен учёбы прошло уже несколько лет, но отсчет нового года у меня всё ещё начинается в сентябре🍂У вас нет такого?) *FOLLOW 👇👇👇👇*📷 @cotangens_abycat #abyssinian_cat_lovers #abyssinian #abyssiniankittens #abyssiniankitty #abyssinianmix #abyssiniantabby #abyssinianruddy #abyssinianguineapigs #abyssiniancats #abyssinianblue #abyssinian_feature #abyssinianguineapig #abyssinianfawn

My lil fluffin fur babies 🐾✌️ lovely double chin in the last pic but Dot looks cuuuute! How has your wheek-end been frens??? #dotandcora

This is what happens when you own a white guinea pig 🤦‍♀️ Since Paisley got herself dirty I gave her a bath! Swipe through to see the before

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アモさん、なんで、牧草もらったら、突進するんですかー?!! 謎を残しつつ😭おやすみなさい⭐😴💤⭐🌙 #モルモット #アビシニアンモルモット #もこもこ #abyssinianguineapig #guineapig #もるさん #アモルとマンボ #にっこり


For today’s piggy breakfast special we have spinach, Romain lettuce, parsley, tomato, and apple. As you can see they thoroughly enjoyed today’s

Spring is my favorite season 💖Our cats adore it as well 🌸🏵💐*FOLLOW 👇👇👇👇*📷 @abyssinian_cat

Paige is taking a lazy Sunday and enjoying her hidey forest rest. The forest makes her feel safe even though the only thing she ever has to worry

Eleonora Emmanuelle and Pandora Emmanuelle 😍Our beautiful graduates 👍🐈DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵💋😍💟🙏 Plz Follow us

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Throwback in honor of awesome women 😏 when mommy embarrassed me in front of the camera with cheek kisses, though her @rogueminx dress with our


In the rays of the gentle sun ☀️*Follow us for more💝*📷 Via : @sunrise_aby_cattery #abyssinianguineapigs

У меня не пошёл 🤷🏽‍♂️🍉💛DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵💋😍💟🙏 Plz Follow us -

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#tiber loves to be #nosetonose ! Here you can see his brown spot. He’s about 50% white, 35% black and 15% light brown. He is still the most #timid

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Light box group photo! I took photos of all these critters today. Busy time is fun because sometimes there's so much variety!...

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Because Pumpkin's quik is black, I took a little bit off his front claws today and I'll take a little more off tomorrow when he trusts me to pick him

Pumpkin just had his nails trimmed for the first time in a few weeks and he was... Suspiciously well behaved. He has always been a two person pig when

When you're on the 4th episode of stranger things and it's getting overwhelming so just have to walk away for a sec 🙀🙀🙀🙀 Shout out to Mews

Ted and Pumpkin are in temporary accommodation for a while, while I sort out their c&c and possibly a run for the big garden 😁... #pumpkinking

I haven't posted in forever so here's an update on all my furry mutant children! @sbjoslin and I got Odin new toys yesterday, and I got to construct

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Chip & Dale hurry to grow and fly to a new mommy 😉 Boys 💙💛 for sale ❣️ Worldwide 🌍 shipping ✈️*Follow us

Do you believe that a cat can fall in love with a dog?!😍Jessica Emmanuelle with her best friends 🐈🐕*FOLLOW 👇👇👇👇

Easter pwicnic! Ma Hooman took us out to pasture, and I thinks she’s be picturing us...🌸🌼🌸🌼Happy Easter everyone! The Galloway


Little lion, Maddox 🥰

Have had trouble trying to upload from the farm, but will upload heaps of pics today! Here’s a pic of toffee from this morning 👃🏼