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Abstraction :"REal LiFE

“You can always paint over it” is a quote I always recall when I’m hesitant to take risks with my paintings. If you learn from your failures...


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.Working is fun if you love what you do!!!....... #gelpen #designs

James Ensor, Masks Confronting Death, 81cmx1m, 1888

Getting ready for my first ever farmers market this Saturday in Midtown Sacramento! If you're in the area, stop by and say hi!. #art #artwork

On view through this Saturday, April 27: George Negroponte, Walking on Water, 2018, Mixed Media on Canvas and Wood, 15" x 18" "The ‘Walkings on


Art piece commissioned by this great bro!! 👍👍He supports my artwork... Am really grateful man! @nelsonbruce__ ........-----------------

Pictured here are a series of images that TurningArt curated for a client based in Boston, featuring the artwork of many Boston artists including

It has been a long minute since I’ve played with paint. This commission couldn’t have come at a better time (mama needs competition stuff). This


Next Sunday, the 28th of April, I will participate on the presentation of the #book written by Ludovic Flamant and illustrated with my #drawings in

shelled-in. voracious seep of light. incremental writhe. a bury on yr every plot. heads raised for the color. rods lain. which of these could bloom

“Together Apart”work in progressgoldwork hand embroidery on canvas.Working on some abstract embroideries that will be framed and available at

Visionary work by @michael_mccullough here at Kuali Studio Gallery.--Message for pricing and private viewing ✨... #visionaryart

Galaxy😎i tried😅


Bring one of these modern/abstract, one of a kind, original works of art into your home.Bid now at

Loving the catalogue cover for my upcoming International Art & Design Auction @hermanandwilkinson 😍😍😍 definitely worth a look 👌 any

Wonderful promo shot from Art Expo at the Muttart last week ! Art can rescue the world! .Posted @withrepost@artworldexpo The talented

This piece makes me think of the ocean. While not all of the colors match the ocean we see, it makes me think of the depths of the ocean we don’t

enter the void, pt. 2

Folhas. Acrílico sobre tela. 40cm x 40cm.

Folhas. Acrílico sobre tela. 40cm x 40cm


Whisper 12 x 12” acrylic on canvas. I’m in a purple phase right now. Good thing Mother’s Day is soon!😂. ••• #art #artist


‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.’-Rumi••Illustration : @azul_de_cobaltDigital Illustration 2018 -

Escultura de travertino.Gracias a @noemipalacios_ por ensenyarme a amar y explorar la piedra. No he conocido artista mas cañera que ame tanto la

Aquí os dejo mi actividad, en la que yo, como mujer, he recreado, con una finalidad estética, un aspecto de la realidad o un sentimiento en formas

Y el SH atormentado por un futuro en blanco, aun sin escribir. Que fácil es tener miedo a lo desconocido, no tener control en lo que pueda suceder

Puede que sea por todas las historias que me imagino tras una mirada anciana la razón por la que me gusta tanto dibujarlas, sabiduría, experiencia.