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Control and precision.⁣⁣Active Alignment:⁣⁣✔️ Extend arm from latissimi dorsi and avoid over engaging the trapezius.⁣✔️ Sit

🔸Summer-mix 2019


We are super proud to be featured in this weeks edition of the Post Newspaper with our girls Eloise & Chloe. We can’t wait to launch our new FIT

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”⁣⁣ #Inspire #Tribe #Real

🚘 Retour imminent sur Paris après ce super petit week-end à Toulouse ! C’était vraiment appréciable de découvrir cette jolie ville avec ma

Quick lower body workout 👯‍♀️1. Good morning bar 12 reps 3 sets 30 sec rest 2. Kettle swings 20 reps 3 sets 60 sec rest 3. Step ups 20

🎀GUTEN MORGEN 🎀 Woche 1/10.Jetzt kommt noch ein verspäteter Post vom gestrigen Abendessen, zusätzlich zu diesem leckeren Salat haben wir

حرکات فوق العاده برای تقویت عضلات شکم پهلو💪💪💪‏‏‏


ABS TRAINING✌________________________________________________Oto trening mięśni brzucha dla osób bardziej zaawansowanych😉 przypominam o

Getting good at dumbbell pressing again!! 💪 This was after a decent bench press session I'm happy with how these sets moved. ☺ Goal was to hit

Killed it training biceps and back with my dad @9__finger ! 😁 Did a ton of burnouts with him with the 35s, 25s, 50 pound straight bar and the 40


New Ombre collection from @icaniwill got me like 🤩🤩🤩 Watch my story for more sets and use my code ”JJESSICA15” for 15% off your order (

Find someone who shares your passion and do it together!!! Es ist wieder Montag, wir haben zum Glück Urlaub. Euch allen wünsche ich einen tollen