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Encaya! The oldest tree in Istanbul. Planted almost 610 years ago during the Ottoman empire. You can stop here for a hot Turkish tea on your way to

Guess the Lexus this interior belongs to. Credit: @carbuzz ——————————————————————🔴Partners:

Guess the Lexus this interior belongs to. Credit: @carbuzz ——————————————————————🔴Partners:

REPOST @thatstarmaninspace !===Check out the world’s first fly-by-wire aircraft & spaceplane!! Despite the fact it literally could return to Earth

Comenzando la semana en positivo, dando gracias a Dios por sus bendiciones.. Y seguimos con la rumba encendida.. cantando un hit de @nickyjampr ..

Make my day over and over !!!! "Why do I love Arbonne? Pictures speak a thousand words. I was embarrassed to go get gas let alone see my co workers or

"BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" - This guy in Kentucky said no truck no problem and strapped his lawnmower to his cruiser. Somebody get this guy a beer lol

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PACKAGE 💉💉💉💉Can you guess where we have put filler in our client from this morning and how much that we’ve used?4ml in total was used

GRATIS ONGKIR SELURUH INDONESIA!!!Ada yang makan banyak tpi gk gemuk"?Mau punya badan ideal dan berisi?Disini kami punya solusinyaTianshi Zinc

Chris and I ventured to the Detroit Institute of Arts to check out their famed exhibits, exquisite murals and stunning architecture. We were

In love with this space! Look at those indoor windows!

Conteo Regresivo: Se aproxima el Gran Dia, a solo 5 Dias donde Dios nos visitara. No te lo Pierdas! Invita una Vida, profetizamos que vidas seran

The @skyrailcairns #edgelookout is OFFICIALLY OPEN! It took my breath away! I am officially in love with this view! I love Barron Falls soooooo much!

Говорят, если мы не ревнуем, значит, не любим. Ревность может разрушить самые крепкие отношения. Однако, она — непременный атрибут любви. Я ревную тебя также сильно, как и люблю..❤️❤️❤️ #f4f #l4l #love #instagood #tbt #cute #photo #beauty #dream #hot #top #wow #rest #happy #spring

The HUSTLE IS REAL TWENTY FOUR SEVEN ... Always the switch up on #monday .. .. 💯💯💯💯....LIVE, LEARN, AND LOVE

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#wow Pop Goes the Weasel cuz the weasel goes pop😂😂😂😂😂

Salam semua rakan-rakan FB. Sedikit sharing tentang kepentingan mempunyai keadaan kewangan yang kuat atau lebih popular di kalangan kita, Kebebasan