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"I put my heart into your handsLearn the lessons you teachNo matter when, wherever I amYou're not hard to reachAnd you've given me the best gift


You said you wanted to go up #tb

Spring in Japan will always have my heart 🌸


Não há pores-do-sol mais bonitos que os do Rio 🧡🥀


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TBT to Tangier...crossing the strait of Gibraltar...

Spot the lamp? Will Smith said it best, “Jasmine like a flower.” Wouldn’t you agree? 🌺This is just a PSA to tell y’all to go see Aladdin

{весна}➖Какая разница, сколько тебе лет, если твоя внешность не меняется на протяжении жизни➖Да и место учёбы не меняется тоже, практически➖ #мойцветнойСатурн #школа #lightroom #vsco #vscocam #vl #vdk #vdk_insta #vladivostok #vladivostok_beautiful #beautiful #beauty #lovely #cool #photooftheday #ph #photo #photographer #follow #l4l #pic #picture


I ain't pale. It's called Snow White and I'm rocking it.

Friday blessings, may peace be with this country #vscofilter

Boa noite!!!

140 of 365: Morning Digest

One star in the dark night is bright enough. The smallest support matters on every struggles.


My cat, can’t believe we’re giving her away in 4 days... Gonna miss her so much 😿💔

Life is better with palm trees.... 🌴🌴🌴

Indeed, seems like you're in Lucky Chinatown of Binondo but this is a sample picture perfect scenario of the Old Hong Kong, lol haha.

Here comes Lady Panda and Good Guy Dolphin, two of my most favorite animals, lol haha.

*『 Temporary calm afternoon 』Oahu , Hawaii🌺*** Aloha 🌺🌿🌿🌿*** Relax time

Polka dots 🖤🖤


Life’s giving me a cactus but still thankful for the one who brightens up my day especially when he says, “tara milktea” 🥰

*『 Moment to greet the morning🌅✨』Hawaii🌊✨*** Aloha

I am alone.With just some people I'm moving on.Some talk less, some talk a lot.I don't know if they are friends or not..I am alone.With some