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I didn’t know Kevin Durant was a construction worker too😂😂. Probably too tall and doesn’t ever use latter cuz he’s so tall haha....

#transformationtuesday is always a motivating day. 5 years to the week separate these two photos. 40lb difference. First show to 5 weeks out for my

We did thermal curling and then some updos today! I was going for something roccoco inspired, as we had to incorporate a french twist. I really like

If you see this banana squad coming at you wyd?

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take a guess

How many times have you felt that you have "failed" in something? If you understand that it was a step forward to success then, it will never be a

You got to be seen!! GREEN!!💚💚

.Busy, busy, busy 🐝.Have been a bit AWOL as have been so busy the last week or so! Few resourcing problems in work so it’s been a bit of a

#おはようございます #お気に入り #植物欲 #チランジア イオナンタ トールベルベット #Tillandsia ionantha 'Tall Velvet

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Work hard for now.....u gonna hv a bright future leta on.... #nurse #harwork #polio #indian #india #tall

I’m obsessed with these photos right now! Thank you so much! @jarvishues ••••••••📸: @jarvishues Agency:

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He was going so well and then I hecked him up I'm so annoyed 😅 sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been going thru some shit and

O N L Y O N E 🥇 He got 1ST Place 200M Sprint at his 1ST Track Meet yesterday & even though he’s never Played Football they’re looking at him 4

Our fav place

march 25, 2019i tried some different font techniques and really liked how this came out! Comment your ideas! I really love this quote! -----

I felt like adding their heights. Don't ask why I dont know myself 😂, but these 3 are the faces of legends and dont tell me otherwise 😑***