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Interesting stoppage. Thanks @mfceoyeager for sharing. Did this happen while a student was unloading a rifle or clearing a stoppage? Reposting so

Some of the ringside photos from Last weekends charity fight. Thanks to my friends again for coming along and supporting, I had an amazing night x


Забастовка рыболовов в Рио против загрязнения залива из-за нефтедобычи #riodejaneiro


Storm season prep for our customers. Pumping pits and storm drains to ensure proper drainage in Coral Gables

Vasiliy Lomachenko just utterly destroyed Anthony Crolla. Short, crisp right hook caught Crolla on the temple in round 4 and he did a direct faceplant

Stoppage | Patching

Nice and snug in the corner! #plumbone #plumbing #construction #bayareaconstruction #bayareaplumbing #remodel #repipe #nodrip #manifold #bayarea

Nicaragua Pan-American Games Qualifications 2019⠀ #Finals 91kg/201lbs⠀Last seconds RSC R3 02:57⠀

A #thowback to nine years ago today (April 10, 2010) when #UFC 112: Invincible took place inside @ferrariworldabudhabi; with me being cageside for

Są zawody, które muszą po prostu BYĆ ale nie ma zbyt wielu chętnych do wykonywania ich ze względu na specyfikę, niską pensję czy warunki.


Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Youth's International tournament Emil Jechev 2019⠀Love this beast💪⠀Tournament Winner 91kg/201lbs @wilk_94 🇨🇵⠀

Stevie McKenna won his professional debut by TKO in round 1 over Trey Branch last night! Stevie just straight overwhelmed his opponent, winging in

Poland -Mazowsze Bieżuń Przelotem przez Mazowsze # Grubonos -Grubodziób ptak pestkojad z rodziny Łuszczaków łacińska nazwa Coccothraustes

2nd round of last nights bout . Those body shots before the 8 count were the winning shots as he never recovered and couldn't defend himself #bodyshot


Things go so much easier when you know what your doing. We completed this entire home drain repipe, in 2 days. Another happy customer 😊 #plumbing

Houston, we have a problem 🤢 #plumbone #plumbing #construction #bayareaconstruction #bayareaplumbing #remodel #repipe #nodrip #manifold #bayarea


Buatsi VS Conroy: Joshua Buatsi wins over Liam Conroy by a third round stoppage to claim vacant British light heavyweight belt - Net sports 247 https

It's only the greatest feeling in the entire world. Enjoy this while you can

UFC LEGEND Demetrius "mighty mouse" Johnson WINS, IN HIS ONE FC DEBUT! Demetrius proves he still has some in the tank in a debut match for One FC vs

Ran a few hundred rounds through my P320. So far my feedback is great accuracy, nice fit in my hand, but I need to adjust my grip. I am accustomed to

2 of my guys got fights, 2 brought belts home. Proud to train, coach, and work these guys corner....oh and by the end of the year , I will field an


Le travail d’une couturière ce n’ai pas seulement la création de vêtements sur mesure mais aussi les retouches et la réparation. Par fois un

You got a stoppage your sinks is backing up and you water isn’t going down fast enough we got the remedy for it #generalsnake #generaltools

Highlights from today’s NJ Golden Gloves fights at The WaterFront in Newark! These boxers were not trying to leave it in the judging hands! 🥊


There might be several stoppage before you reach your destination...So take a break, enjoy the moment and move on...... #lifeistooshort #stoppage

@ruairilavery ( @get_repost)・・・Clip of the finish from last week #Repost with @get_repost・・・Full bout now available online

1 Stoppage

@aaron_blackie - Best 145lb athlete in Australia, 8-2 record with 8 stoppages🔥0.25sec into round 1 getting the TKO last weekend showing his

If you have hair and or use soap when you shower, chances are you will get a tub/shower stoppage. Stop standing in soapy water up to your ankles and

Sewer replacement outside the home, the city inspectors are so busy we have to wait a week for inspector to show up before we backfill

Got a special delivery from the crew at EPA. This new chisel nozzle is ready to work clearing some drains.