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This past weekend my friends invited me to photograph their son’s gymnastics event. I was completely astonished by the skill and talent of these

The Swing of Things.-I've always edited photos on my phone. That now a days, in the world i'm in, is one of the seven deadly sins. With biting the

Descent from Tocllaraju6032 mCordillera Blanca

Relax n unwind.

In that way i'm talking, photography is based on the camera but editing is based on softwares. It is done with the photoshop firstly i'll done to take

@flyfishindurrer and I had given up on fishing the run by now and resorted to throwing snow balls at @flysnties_fly_company, who somehow managed to

"Weeping Rock" Recent storms made the usually trickling Weeping Rock turn into a full on waterfall. Edited with B-1 of my Beethoven Preset Collection

Sunset is always a magic moment. An end with a promise of something new very soon. Be patient, it will come... @sebastianrojasphoto has no issue

🌃 Architecture needs some colors to show us their contours,・・・Happy Sunday

Had some fun with light & shadows in SoHo this evening. Swipe for some more frames as always.

A feeling few will have.

Today was an amazing day! So much is going on we don’t know where to begin in order to update you on what’s happening, we’ll just show you. So

【香火傳承】大概說到廟會跟我生活脫不了關係大概從會說話以來每年都會去各個廟宇把地方的香火傳回自己家鄉。對我們來說是一個傳統文化把臺灣的文化傳遞下去。小時看到不能把畫面分享給大家知道但愛上攝影這是我拍照的理由讓更多人看見臺灣在地的傳統文化。 #台灣 #高雄 #聖帝宮 #攝影 #キング #Sony本色 #三月寂謐黑 #Amazing #Life #Sony #A6000 #SonyAlpha #α6000 #Sonycamera #TW_Alpha #Sigma #XZPremium #Taiwan #kaohsiung #Picoftheday #Tagforlike #Likeforlike #Photography #taiwan_destinations #ig_estradas #Viewtaiwan #Taiwan1 #pic_discovery #ootd_street999 #travelcouple

just a mile of staircases stacked on top of each other 16 stories high for no reason other than to look cool...welcome to 2019

Where the Road Ends

🇱🇰 “Pidurangala Rock has one of the most spectacular views in Sri Lanka from the top of the rock.”💛🧡

Don't be late 🏃

Excited to be a contributor for a new app that helps photographers find the best locations around the world! Check out @explorest for more information

@apparent_inc is reengineering the way the world manages and uses energy // aerial photos from large scale solar project in Davis, California ☀️

"A friend took me to the most amazing place the other day. It’s called the Augusteum. Octavian Augustus built it to house his remains. When the