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Happy International Puppy Day to all our little fur babies out there! You make our days warmer, our hearts fuller and our carpets dirtier and we

Simplesmente Fantástico esse Cacho... Eu Tenho Dele Pra Vender... A partir de 220 CADA 100gr Uma Cabeça toda É necessário 300grMeu Zap

‘cause she’s a diva

No te rindas, no lo hagas.Sonríe y sigue✨

Отличного воскресенья вам😘⠀++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++⠀ #бьюти #fitness #parfum #sport

Zoey is just way to cool! 😎

Kuscheln mit bae 🐯

Full despreocupados con mi lindo Flaco alias "El Chinito" 👌🍀😎🐱🌈🙌❤

That beach😱!!!!!!

Same passion same mentality...Same cat love!Grab one for you & one for them!Link in bio!Free Worldwide shipping 🌎Discount Offers! #love

Osservare 🌟

Punta al meglio, e aspira alla tua felicità ✨🌻

Missing my little rose 🌹

My true love ❤️ #🌹

"SOX" ❤️🐾❤️ .Fighting for change, fighting for a cause. Always be kind ❤️ ~ ©️ Tammie Hammond 2017 (Photo owned by me, quote by me