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Video by Matthew Borowick @mborowick | Sigöldugljufur canyon is one of those gems many visitors miss when they travel to Iceland. It’s hiding in

What time is it? It's time for hunting🙌🏼 Do you want to hunt with me? The trip goes for Beceite Ibex in Spain💪🏻 Already now 26-27 March!

That face expression in scaring 😡😠-—————————————Photo credit: unknown, dm for credit

💥TAŞLI taslar yapistirma degi dikilmistir yikanabilir💥 IPEK siyah kadife toplam 8 PARCA OTO SET👉 KOLTUK SETI oturma yslanma baslik 👉 4

New darling 😘 arrives....its 👉Leo ❤️...Enters straightaway in washroom

Всем привет, каждый раз когда я мчу куда-то на снегоходе все грустности забываются) глаза впитывают окружающую невероятную красоту и печали снова нет места) от всего сердца у меня очень интересная и счастливая жизнь.❤️ Пасутся пухлые олени, на спидометре 80 км/ч , а вокруг 50 оттенков синего и солнце!) PS 👉 подписываемся @experience.arctic аккаунт теперь веду я. #arcticocean #longyearbyen #svalbard #spitsbergen #mountain #arctictravel #arctictour #арктика #шпицберген #visitsvalbard #gjestehuset102 #nikon #natgeo #орелирешка #wildlife #northpole #arctic #utno #utnorge #adventure #expedition #norway #norge #snowmobile #снегоход #landscape #nature

love to see you shine in the light like the diamond you are ✨

Monday already? 💤💤💤


It may not look like it, but spring is coming to Montreal! The air is filled with the sounds of returning birds, plants are appearing through the

By📸 @thetheoryofeveryfood 🍃🍃 Bulgur Pilavı Tarifi Malzemeleri2 su bardağı pilavlık bulgur2 adet domates1 adet soğan2 adet sivri

Rainy Nights ☔️ Enjoy the video 🙏🏻______________________________________Taken by Iphone X Max 📸Edited by Inshot 📲

.Duvarların korunaklığından çok pencerelerin ışığı gerek bize. 🧘‍♀️.....______________________________________________

Quelles images nous donnent la nature.. 😍 Prendre l’avion est voir un paysage comme celui ci nous donnent l’envie de voyager encore et encore

Maybe this is what the Guiding Light looks like to a fish lens shot. :) Check out

It is you who determines the values ​​that will govern your life, as well as the happiness that will emanate from your interior..... #photography

My life, my rules😎

Never wait for a perfect Moment, just take a Moment, and make it Perfect

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. — Proverbs 3:6