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OML MY MAN 😍 THE DUALITY OF MY KOOKIE BEAR OML 😫 He is so perfectly structured like everything about him is just perfection.. Him, his whole

I made these (◠‿◠✿)


Minha melhor amiga, minha mãe!!! Obrigada por ser tão presente em minha vida, e por me dar todo suporte para cuidar da minha família, da nossa fam


I know I changed my name quite a bit but I’m officially done. It’s Madison Madison but you can just call me Madison. 💙... #dragqueen #pride

Tes cheveux sont beaux, tes cheveux sont magnifiques, tes cheveux sont exceptionnels !.Ce sont des phrases que je ne cesse de répéter à ma

Happy 5th birthday to my little legend MJ 💙💙💙💙💙 love you best please stop growing so fast 🎁💙 #myson #love #babyboy

Hai AyahhhhSemoga selalu dlm kebaikan & keselamatan baik di dunia maupun di akhiratAmiin Ya Robbal Alamiin #happynegawantofamily


My baby girl is turned 6 ❤️ .Keep shining ur pure light n giving love in abundance to everyone around u..See the world as a magical place full

Monday’s are hard for us in this house because Seth goes back to work and we just want to sleep all day to recover from the weekend. Today has

Happy father day to my super dad..the best dad in the world who always want the best for his daughter and you sooo mucchhh dad..keep healthy

Just let me post this :3

tattoo this on my forehead ••Follow me ( @grandebuitera)for more


@arianagrande Love you 🖤-----.-- #notearslefttocry  #arianagrande  #arianator  #arianators4life #dangerouswomantour  #ag4 

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. Yêu và được yêu là điều hạnh phúc. Được sống với người mình yêu là đi


A little late but my little prince is FIVE MONTHS OLD!!! 👑👶🏻💙•He is weighing in just over 16lbs which is the 50th percentile and is 60

Me and my favorite person in the world only 7 months old and I still cant believe I made someone so handsome 😍 #Mom #Mommy #Son #snapchat👻 #LoveYou

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential women in my Auntie Anna! When I need the guidance of a mom, the love of a sister or the

With such a busy and amazing weekend...BOTH Kalin and I were slow to get up this morning! What I am thankful for... That I didn’t have to get up


“ℭ𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡” @arianagrandeok this is bad. I get it. IM A BEGINNER AT THIS STUFF SO ITS CRUSTYDt: Allison because it was her bday and

I really love this picture 😭


went to go see this lovely baby today! I brushed her down, gave her treats, and fly sprayed her. I also brought her into the small paddock area just

Whenever I need peace, I pray for Jesus to fill me with His perfect peace over and over until I feel peace in my heart. That’s the secret to living

My mood everytime when think that i haven‘t Met my idol 😣💔 - did. you ever met Ariana Grande