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😘The Prophet said:👇If one of you wears his shoes, let him start with his right side and when he takes it off then let him start with his left

Acabou de sair vídeo no canal amigaaaa🤗 resolvi mesmo tarde liberar agora do que me enrolar amanhã e não ter vídeo novo 😂É o blog da festa


Gente, essa é a minha irmã mais velha Carla, ela é extremamente legal e... Mentira! Haha essa linda mulher aí é a minha coroa mano

Kuddly kitties ~ Siv and Freya


Seorang ibu memiliki naluri dan cinta yang sangat dalam kepada anak-anakna yang mungkin tak ada yang dapat memahaminya.. #loveis #mother #moms

Introducing Macaroni Kid Printables⠀Creativity has never been so easy!⠀⠀You know that all of us here at Macaroni Kid are super focused on

How did you wake up this morning?!?!⠀Did you wake up feeling strong and confident?⠀Or did you wake up wanting to stay in bed because of a

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S U M M E R B R E A K.⁠⁠Having hte kids off for 8 weeks can be amazing, but do you ever notice the simple tasks, like brushing there teeth, or

I actively avoid office politics by hating everybody equally

And perhapswhat made her beautifulwas not her appearanceor what she achieved,but in her loveand in her courage,and her audacityto believe:no

#KEM #BODY #MOTHER & CARE✅Chất kem sánh, mịn như phô mai. ✅Bôi đến đâu thấm đến đó ak . Cảm giác da mịn lên trông th

Nos encanta tu comodidad 🙌En Isabella de Santos pensamos en prendas cómodas , pero que también que sean elegantes , frescas y sofisticadas

Just chillin’ in the kingdom 👑

• Dia 18. Suas palavras só me fizerem crescer, mãe. Muito obrigado, eu amo você. 👩‍👧‍👦💛.Marca sua mãezinha aqui nos comentá


Diangkat dari kisah nyata “AZAB ANAK DURHAKA” ketika anak mendzolimi dan menyakiti hati seorang ibu, niscaya Azab Allah akan menghukum anak

Me and my mom. Mother’s Day 2018. #Mother’sDay #mom

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Nunca pensé en ser madre, pero ahora que lo soy no lo cambiaría por nada en el mundo👩‍👧🌎. Te amo demasiado mi princesa 💖💖...

Three certificated pilots. One single-engine airplane. Two flights each way. One thousand air miles. Three day excursion. One Uncle Loren. One Aunt

Just give me the chance to show her it was worth it

Just give me the chance to show her it was worth it


Gosh she was such a cute lil thing... She still is. 😍 Going back to that whole helping people vs. selling people on stuff. Last year on this beach

ਇੱਕ ਅੱਖਰ ਵਿੱਚ ਲਿਖਣਾ ਚਾਹਿਆ ਜਦ ਮੈ ਰੱਬਦਾ ਨਾਂਲੋੜ ਪਈ ਨਾ ਸੋਚਣ ਦੀ ਫਿਰ ਲਿਖ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਮੈਮਾਂ.... #mother #maa


Piping hot roasted Japanese aubergine, nasu. As a child my mother used to pull this out of grilling oven and serve with grated ginger, katsuobushi,

Какое фото Вам нравится больше 1,2 или 3

Australian Prime Minister breast feeding her baby while delivering a speech at the Parliament..!!❤Mothers can do anything for their Babies..!!❤

Семья — самое уютное и теплое место на Земле. И в этом местечке ты по настоящему счастлив!Нереально красивая семья Нигматовых💞💞 А Вам тоже кажется,что все безумно похожи между собой?) #фотографалматы #фотографвалматы #алмарасан #табаган #ойкорагай #шымбулак #бао #чарынскийканьон #фото #фотоалматы #лавсториалматы #фотобеременностиалматы #семейнаяфотосессияалматы #портрет #женщина #photo #photographer #portrait #family #семья #familylook #baby #mother #photoalmaty

Stunning magnolias on a beautiful winter morning ☀️.Would you believe that these beauties are growing outside the pathology rooms that I’m

Happy Birthday @konsciously_kira my cracra BFF and sister for life 😘 We haven't done much that wasn't somehow connected or together. We have


👆The reason why I say , I have two babies to look after🤷‍♀️. It’s not funny guys🙄..The elder one usually gets hunger cramps in the

Só pra dizer que te amo mais que tudo nessa vida e te agradecer por me dá a luz e me manter brilhando até hoje! HAHAHA TE AMO E FELIZ DIA DAS MÃES

This is my replica of the image "Mother and Child" (from 1903 by Pablo Picasso) I drew with wax pastels on paper. The original painting from Pablo