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What's this? o u o Carnival PQ is coming to #MapleUnityArt by Marcus

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Look at all the FM stores! Which one is your favourite?

Echo pan party in the FM~ Congrats to Eric on becoming the first lvl 200 in #MapleUnity Beta! Visit for more!


Are we on board the Black Pearl? I think I'm seeing ghosts.. RIP Will (Turner). Pirate PQing in #MapleUnity Beta! Register an account at MapleUnity.

Dang look at those levels. Defeating Zak 9 days into #MapleUnity Beta! Congrats to Toast, Ponk, Alvin, Aeon, Aaron and Lust!

Don't forget to adopt your FREE CAT from Mar the Fairy! Click on the lightbulb above your character, accept the "A Small Mysterious Egg" quest and


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One more day! Are you ready? Come register an account at and vote for Unity Cash!Art credit: Marcus

Only a couple days left until Beta! Come join us in the celebration by creating an account at! Art credit: Marcus

Beta is so close, I can almost smell it! Only 3 more days left! Create an account on and start voting for Unity Cash!Art credits:

4 more days until Beta! Create an account at and start voting for Unity Cash!.........Art credit: Marcus #MapleUnity

5 more days until we release open beta! Art by: Marcus........... #MapleUnity

💋Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We at #MapleUnity support same-sex marriage so you can propose to your partner! What did you do on Valentine's Day

Was trying to come up with a caption but couldn't think of anything...catchy. ;) #MapleUnity

Exchange your vows under the cherry blossoms in a Japanese Shrine Wedding at #MapleUnity

Caution: Highly Dangerous! Please wear a helmet when entering the premises at all times. ...Last Man Standing at Ellin PQ. #MapleUnity #MapleStory

#MapleUnity is now equipped with a customized controller-friendly panel! Explore the islands with motion controls and jump like never before

At #MapleUnity, you'll be able to experience old school #MapleStory in wide-screen


#MapleUnity will have a wide arrangement of pets available. You may recognize these from your favourite anime! #maplestory