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Your heart is the home of your soul.Hi I'm Mike Hen a proud Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant facilitating 2 life changing Coaching programs, I

.here for youat our bridgereading love like candycreamy words of eternitywhistling erupts,as dusk saunters in... #painting #TheodoreRobinson

😋 Add me on Snapchat: paula4s 💿..Когда после тренировки бежишь пить протеинчик🤪.....

Some value and color studies of this environment I made for my concept and character class. Testing out different color schemes with the same value

Küçük, tatlı ananaslaar🍍Phuket’teki ananasların tatları TR’dekilere göre daha tatlı ve aromalı😍Güçlü bir ödem savar, içeriğ

Into The Future with Moonstone and Mookaite. What blend do you love on your rosewood beads. Gemstone rollers by the one and only @whimsyandwellness

🎏🎏Lightcolor set

I think I started to understand one or two things about #light and #shadow . Here’s me, trying out a new #technique using only #ink with


I don’t know what these flowers are called (do you?), but they greet me like friends at school drop off each morning. Their color is so vibrant, I


Many reflections feel abundance when they build and acquire the income of their desires, some feel it when they acquire various objects of material

Any woman nurtures an actress inside - it is not something acquired or imposed by others' expectations, rather it's an innate and immanent quality

Ou você se arrisca.Ou si conforma! #semmimimi..... ... Se você esta cansado de recomeçar pare de desistir! Foco força e fe!!! 😉sem

Stop 7: Antelope Canyon The way the light plays with the shadows 😍Yet another place that makes you stop and marvel at the force of nature..