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Along a course of more than 4 kilometers through the heart of the city you will find an open air exhibition showcasing all the different concepts, the

​​[78/365] The thoughts in my head after thinking about new ideas for two hours 😅🙈 Do you like it? 😊​​.​​ #creative_journey

[repost for more clarification of idea]Working on something for myself.....been wanting a new tattoo and had the idea to sketch this up as a

1/2....Cuando plantamos una semilla, no paramos de pensar en lo bonita que será la planta que brote, las flores que tendrá, el color, el olor.

This cuttlefish comes in peace!—or you are just currently in a hypnotic trance before you become his feast

Here’s something I started drawing for Nat King Cole’s birthday but didn’t finish in time. Here he is in The Blue Gardenia, because what could


IT’S OUR 5TH BIRTHDAY TODAY! ⚡️🎉🎈 5 whole years of working from home and still to get my face on that wall. Strive high. 👀😂🐶

Haute couture sketches have been handed in! So many beautiful gowns will be going down that stage. Swipe to see the fabric’s details! Are you as

ROLLING x Jartwork.

A space bus inspired by crazy busses of Sri Lanka. They rule the roads out here and I wanted to mirror that vibe in this drawing with the hard edges

Based on the many fishing boats I’ve seen in Sri Lanka, here’s a sketch of a high speed land cruiser that can be found surfing the dry lands of

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Este es un logo totalmente basado en el minimalismo, traté de hacerlo lo más sencillo y sutil posible🖌🖌🔥... #creative #concept

was thinking it was a Futuristic type design

🤔 primary and complementary color poster