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I truly am blessed with this wonderful woman. Everyday is always a blessing with someone you truly love and appreciate. #hookedonafeeling

August 17, 2019“Hooked on a Feeling”🎼 - Blue SwedeI can't stop this feelingDeep inside of meGirl, you just don't realiseWhat you do to me

yesterday i went to an aquarium. 𓆉𓆉𓆉•btw i just want to say thank y’all for 1k <3 for me it’s a big goals ♡ i love this fandom sfm


First of all, I knew this nigga was up to something when he brought mad seafood to my crib... He knows I LOVE SEAFOOD 🤦🏽‍♀️______________

Så himla kul att äntligen komma iväg på tävling som planerat! 😀 trots regn och trots att kroken var ett kräk o slet sig, så var det galet

The "Sea Stars" are making waves in the world of professional wrestling.If you use the promo code; "SeaStars" you can save 10% on your entire

This made my morning. From @jhbteamm’s Twitter (jhbteam on Twitter) - truly a masterpiece.Posting where I can (and giving credit of course) in

Efter att först ha slitit sig med all utrustning på sig och bockat/skenat runt på hela parkeringen (tack ni som hjälpte till att fånga honom!) s

#BlueSwede( #블루스위드), #HookedOnAFeeling(Hooked on a feeling) (영화 ‘ #가디언즈오브갤럭시’ OST) (1974


he’s crazy HAHAHAHAHA btw i fell in love with grey pants.. annaoopsksksk

this is the cute thing ever. lil hiccup😭🥰☺️😋😘😍😊😝🥳🥵🥴🥰😘😍😚😋😛🤣😊🥰😍😘☺️

Yes❤️ You never know what the situation is. May be you both are having misunderstandings. Just put your thoughts, ego aside and Send a single


hooked on a feeling ha da bum bum ba

Iiiii-ee-iiii-ee-ii'mHooked on feeling[Do do do Doo]I'm high on believing[Do do do Doo]That you're in love with MEEEE

You know that feeling of walking on air when you get your hair cut? Yeah, I’m floating in the clouds rn. 🌬☁️ 🕊 Fun Fact: I’m so [

Genrep inför tävling 💎 ska bli sååå kul att få se honom på tävlingsbanorna igen 🤩 är typ exakt två år sen (om man inte räknar hans

Unghästar är verkligen det roligare som finns för de gör framsteg hela tiden! Kroken utvecklas verkligen för varje pass som han och Li gör tsm,

Inledde typ denna onsdag på värsta tänkbara sätt = cellprovstagning 😤😫 Jesus christ, tur att det inte sker så ofta. Överlevde iaf denna pr


I, I'm hooked on a feelingI'm high on believingThat you're in love with meLips as sweet as candyIt's taste is on my mindGirl you've got me

#avengersendgame is out today!!!!!! I picked up my 4th Marvel steelbook today to celebrate it! I wonder what my steelbooks all have in common? :P

youre the most cute, beautiful, attractive, nice, sweet person in this world 💗🥺 btw gn im going to sleep luv u💗 (he’s so hot omg i can’t)

Last two days to Come and Get Your Love this summer with the me and the Xandarian Chamber Orchestra!! I’ve been Hooked on a Feeling all summer and I


in today’s #disneyvlog it's memorial day 2019 at magic kingdom and we're “hooked on a feeling!” 💃🕺🎶 because we all need a little disney

In this nightmare, you'll most likely get hooked, so you might as well work on your pun material while awaiting the inevitable. Full video is out now

this live was so interesting 😀🥵❤️🤗☺️😘😉💗🙏🏻😙


i’m in love with your style jacob😩

i’m so proud of you jacob, we made this together ♡an especially thank you jacob, for making us happy ☆

Idag fyller världens bästa och viktigaste människa år, dvs min fina syster! Och det firar vi med en ridtur på stubbåker 😍 ikväll blir det

I can't stop this feeling; Deep inside of me. Girl, you just don't realize what you do to me. When you hold me in your arms so tight, you let me know



I love when Jacob di tiktoks😍🥰