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New Friends? 😃


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dood #squad.

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The struggle is real guys. I don’t like to share but tonight I shared my antler with my sister. This is a big step for me. Oh, and mom and dad were

Mum you’re smothering me 🙄

Today I got to meet my auntie @at__ning. She gives the best hugs 🤗 🥰


8 weeks ➡️ 3 months ➡️ 7 and a half months 😱🤭.The growth of a teddy bear 🐻🐶🐾💕

Hey friends, please a prayer for our Uncle @mr.tuckthedood . He had to have emergency surgery tonight. Thank goodness our family knew the signs of

I'm tired after a long day of traveling in the car. Where are we going?

I don't care what the calendars say. Summer officially starts when the doodles hit the pools!


Now THIS is the kinda bath I can get behind!!

doing the “look off in the distance” influencer pose

Soaking up the sun ☀️

Sprinklers weeeeeeeee


Not lovin the leash 🙄

I passed my sobriety check at Virginia Beach Oceanfront! The officers were so proud they let me stand next to their motorcycle! #goldendoodle

Now signing autographs... 💁🏻‍♀️

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Enjoying the couch


@celestebarber - she’s funny (like me), she’s extremely good looking (like me), she’s smart (like me), she’s humble (like me), and she’s an

Sometimes I wonder if mom will give me a treat if I just sit here🤔🤔 After experimenting it doesn’t work don’t try at home

Typical day for me!!

Tricky feat walking into the house after a pedicure and positioning yourself so your overjoyed puppy doesn’t mess up the paint 💅🏽while you get


My first time at the family’s annual Memorial Day weekend party and I’m beat! Woo! Had so much fun playing outside and inside

On Sunday’s I like to relax on mummas bed, not sure why she has to open the curtains though. It’s quite rude 🙄... #petsofinstagram

Helping Mom! 👚👕

On my way to my to my new home! Mom is still trying to figure out my name, if you know my mom you know how long that’ll take 🙄 NY—>CT ❣️

Excited for the weekend!