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I believe that everything we need, we already have. It is up to us to tap and grow into it! It’s all about unlocking our potential! One way I hold

I told y’all don’t be surprised if it becomes illegal to be a Christian this next decade. Start strengthening your spirits! #blessed #god #faith

Experimenting with lighting techniques on the first concept sketches of Thoth! Is that his flesh tone?! Stick around! There’s more to come! #turkish


Existem pessoas que em determinado momento da nossa vida, nos marcaram profundamente pela vida com Deus que buscavam, e nos inspiravam a querer mais


‘If even all our earthly loves crumbled and we had nothing left other than dust, there is always for all of us, burning, the unique and faithful

Maybe it’s a yoga-ball-backdrop, maybe it’s not 🤪 it is. Swipe 👈 to zoom in! 😂•Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the Lord is a strong

I made this meme last night but was too busy getting beat by twenty runs in softball to post it so I’m posting it now because I have timeI’m

Positive thinking 💭

> Hoje Novamente o Culto do Meio Dia foi uma Benção. Esta Semana Está Sendo #Power Of The #God! Venha #Orar com a #Gente, das 12:30 às 14:00 no


#God son 🇳🇬🇬🇭

טיפ לעת ליל ירח מלא😊אם אתם, לרגע עוצרים את המרוץ.מביטים למעלה, נושמים ורואים ירח יפה.תדעו שזה למעשה תיבת דואר בין גלקטית שמעבירה ממסרים ומסרים בין עולמות.אז נצלו את ההזדמנות😉.נשמו עמוק...שלחו תפילה לבורא,שלחו רפואה שלמה לכל דורש,שלחו אהבה, חיבוק ונשיקה לאהובים,שלחו חלומות להגשמה,שלחו לעצמכם תזכורת כמה אתם מדהימים... השמים כחולים,הכוכבים מנצנצים,הירח זורח וכמו מראה מנביט בכם יופי שאתם מנביטים בו...💙❤💜בריאות,לילה טוב💤 #Coaching #psychology #Love #Buddhism #SharonKotler #bluesky #faith #Kabbalah #Adler #Thisismychoice #yoga #god #Beliefinmyself #Empowerment #Empowermentofwomen #tobelieve #positivepsychology #nature #TonyRobbins #Mindfulness #ByronKatie #thegoodlife #tastyfood #blessing #amazing #instagood #Music #moon

Listen to the beauty God has created. Read the beautiful works written by gifted authors such as “For the Beauty of the Earth” by Steven Bouma-

Lol sieht so aus als würde der Himmel brennen, aber irgendwie schön, als hätte jemand ein Kunstwerk an den Himmel gepinselt. Euch allen einen schö

Hola todos!!!💞.Una frase muy sencilla y muy cierta. No podemos escuchar a Dios a través del ruido del mundo... solo lo logramos en absoluto


A mulher quando se reconstrói, adquire a melhor blindagem contra homens babacas. É como um aluno dedicado após uma prova, que dificilmente vai

Just finished Ac Odyssey DLC 2 episode 1, I’m ready for the second episode. ——————————————————————🌈

As promessas de Deus as vezes parecem demorar a se cumprir. Mas saiba que tudo tem o certo. Deus sabe exatamente a hora de fazer ela se realizar em

@selfmademusicnaire Fashion Experience CEO the beautiful @runyaro! Such an wonderful event❤️One of the guest speakers, my friend/client the


YAH 👑🙏🏿👁️❤️6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣💫 🐐👌🏿 👌🏿👌🏿🤙🏿🤟🏿🖖🏿👽🔼☮️☯️✡️ PEACE LOVE AND

VBS starts Sunday! Josh Creel (from Tampa, FL) will be teaching the adults and older teenagers, and there'll be classes and activities for kids 10th

E Deus é poderoso para fazer que toda a graça lhes seja acrescentada, para que em todas as coisas, em todo o tempo, tendo tudo o que é necessário

It’s official! My book will be published! Well, it sounds weird, coz i couldn’t ever have written it without the help of God! So WE wrote it. True

#Repost @thesexwizard with @get_repost・・・GOD / HEART / SEXNone of these things were ever meant to be or feel separate.Religion has created

Momento com Deus 1º Eucaristia da Arianne


What a perfect and lovely squad...Aren't they?😄💜

Te espero para Alabar juntos al SeñorVelando y orando... #musicosiasd

....Every morning you can begin again as every night you can reset. This is your time just be and find you breath to set you free, living in your

Me when I found out that Bobby Boo Boo Bear is #cheating on me! My daughter Emma is still at her Aunt Suzie’s house and it makes me sad that Suzie

la Biblia también dice, "por cuanto todos pecaron, y están destituidos de la gloria de Dios" (Romanos 3:23). Dios es perfecto y nos ama, y nuestros


Solenidade de PentecostesAgradeço a comunidade Santa Rita . “O Espírito do Senhor encheu o universo; ele mantém unidas todas as coisas e