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With just three weeks to go before Mother's Day, we know many of you are busy training for the big day 💪 If you need a bit of extra motivation, we

Antes de ir a la cama, no. Olvides de 1 agradecer el gran día de hoy, y celebrar todo lo bueno y no tan bueno del día, ya que mañana será mejor

Someone send an amballlannccceee. 🚨I can’t feel my legs. 💀💀Note to self: DO NOT do a warm up set of 10 at a weight you will have to do for


Empezando la semana #ACTIVAOS y dandole duro con parte del equipo. Seguimos trabajando duro manana martes:BOOT CAMP 7am-8am 10am-11am3pm-4pm 7pm-


If you want to succeed, you must have the courage to take the road less traveled. Many take the easy road, but that road doesn't build champions. In

✔️El colágeno es la proteína más abundante en nuestro cuerpo ya que conforma el 30% del total y se ubica principalmente en piel, huesos,

Dinner tonight was YUM. Chicken breast, zucchini & squash and banza pasta with a garlic-cauliflower sauce that I made 😍😍 my whole dinner was

Raw LOVE captured in its purest form. 😂❤️ #Repost @zeromachinecrossfit with @get_repost・・・Always go with the choice that scares you the


🔹Olhaaaaa elaaa Genteeee Curtindo as Férias em Jeriiiiii de SOMBREIRO 🌊 ☀️ @lj.laclasse 😍🔹Muito Obrigado Pelo Carinho e a Preferê

- #팀닭 #마이에반 #식단오늘의 첫끼는팀닭 치킨 스테이크와 닭가슴살 소시지마이에반 야채 볶음밥 방울토마토 아몬드-팀닭 치킨스테이크는 닭가슴살이 아니라닭다리살로 만들어졌구 동파육 소스가 크..♥️부족한 단백질을 채우기 위해서 닭가슴살소시지로 구성😍-볶음밥은 야채 볶음밥이 먹고 싶어서다이어트 식품 쇼핑몰 마이에반에서판매하고 있는 야채 볶음밥😍210g으로 딱이구 야채도 많구 꼬들꼬들♥️-둘다 전자렌지에 넣고 5분 돌리면 끝!그리고 접시에 이쁘게 담기😎-🔻제 식단에 들어가는 제품🔻☑️치킨스테이크,소시지 @teamdakmaster 👈☑️야채 볶음밥 @oh_myevan 👈


What you guys think if i started making these? Would you cop?New drawing tomorrow.

| faith |_Kyle Alexander and his mother, Donna joined me on Sunday for an Easter church sermon. 🎚🐰Special thank you to @truegirl34 with

Are y’all ready?? 🔥Our first pop up fitness dance fusion class [BEST SWEAT EVER] is coming this Sunday at 3pm at Washington Square Park! All

Let’s Stay CONSISTANT 🤘🏽

There will be days when your heart has been ripped out. When life is so hard you feel like you can’t bare it anymore. There will be times when you

Over here jumping for joy because:1) we’ve officially started the 3rd trimester!2) today I ran my 1000th pregnant mile with my littlest passenger

Happy Earth Day 🌏🌎🌍’ everyone!With my job, I have had the opportunity to explore this incredible planet and see the impact humans are

yo te lo hice a ti en la playa justo al frente de la orilla, ella y yo no somos nada pero solo entre comillas🎶


Long Post Alert 🚨So I get asked this question a lot - “Why do you always go to the gym so late at night?” - the reason I go to the gym late at

But Darling, we weren't given this Wild Soul just to merely exist. Our mission is to shake up the world, turn it upside down and show our fellow human

What is eccentric vs concentric training?..These two best friends are used during training like Squat, biceps curl, crunches and during daily life

How to LOVE working out 😱🤔👇🏻⭐️ FIRST: Try everything until you find what you actually LIKE doing. This simple rule has changed my




Happy New Year everyone ... with the real "La plus belle Avenue du monde" ... See U in 2019... 🔻🌹(It was supposed to be the last post of 2018

Para encerrar o ano de 2018 vim compartilhar, com mais detalhes, a maquiagem feita na prévia da apresentação dessa linda @victoriatavares, na sua

오랜만에 꼼슈~~😜

La famosa tribu rendille del lago de turkana "Kenia" se visten siempre de esta forma, no para los turistas lo hacen por que la belleza es parte de su

Evil under the sun ☀️