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Transformation Tuesday!.Emma transformed way more than me but I did was well! The picture on the left was of me a few months after having Emma. I

A fun day of shopping, library fun, & finding fairy wings in the closet & not wanting to take them off 😆🤦🏻‍♀️

My perfect brown boy! I can, without bias, say that this child is just too beautiful. As you’ve turned 22 months today, mom has only loved you more

“Many people believe that parenting is about controlling children’s behavior and teaching them to act like adults. I believe that parenting is

🥰😍 Awe our little Leddi bug is finally coming around !!! What a crazy 3 weeks this has been but her contagious laugh, beautiful smile, and her

Natalie Rose🌹Pinzon In Two Days You Will Be 1 Year & 8 Months Where Has Time Gone! In Just 4 Short Months You Will Be 2 Already! 😍That Smile Is

Speaking of Super Bloom! 🌸💐 This is the superest bloom ever. Tommy and Dylan were playing outside yesterday and I came home to these beauties.

I am the queen of nap! 🙊😴🙈😴🙊😴💕•♡••♡••♡••♡••♡••♡• #chocolatelab #chocolovers

Za kilka, kilkanaście lat życie i moje relacje z Melanią zweryfikują moje podejście...Dzisiaj głęboko wierzę, że dziecko to urzeczywistniona

Almost 2 years old, and a few of Koen's favorite things:Owl, Bear, Yellow Crocs, and coloring his left arm. Owl is from San Diego and Bear is from

Happy Tuesday! 🥰

Eek! This little girl! I just love her so much! Doesn’t this make you wish you could take a nap too? I can’t believe she’ll be 2 next week!!

Love having this magical woodland area at the bottom of our garden... need to find some fairies to live there! Also can’t wait for an Easter egg

This goof 😂 He loves climbing into all of sister’s seats, bouncers, & beds. Kicked back with a bottle of pedialite, getting hydrated and taking a

J A Y D E N. J E M I A H. ..🌹 You are my greatest A C H I E V E M E N T. 🌹( #taught me how to #conquer F E A R, #challenge D O U B T,

Bring your kid to work day.... No, it wasn't. But I have to bring her to do some work stuff.She was so sweet and cute. Outfit:Bolero #jackybaby

Guapito bebé 🥰😍 soy la tía de la que no quiere besos pero se los doy porque se tiene que acostumbrar 😅 después me los va a pedir y... pues

My baby bop at #Totsville. My last one, and oh how I’m enjoying her. She’s so beautiful. She’s growing and learning, and I can’t believe she

My princess....she loves to wear jewelry, carry around purses and always want me to put some lip gloss on her! 💗😍👸 #thiskid #mygirl #girlmom

23 months today. Why is time flying so fast?? One more month and Ben will be 2! Ben is super chatty and repeats (or trys to) repeat everything we say

ポッキーをどう食べたらこんな事になるのか。最後は顔を拭いたティッシュを口にモグモグ。。。How does she get

My wish for you is that this life becomes everything you want it to. Your dreams stay big and worries stay small. You never need to carry more than